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DateTitle of projectAuthorsKeyword
May 2023 Practical and financial advice within suicide prevention services can make them more effective Farr, Michelle; et al health and medicine, suicide prevention, Hope, Jon Banks, Joni Jackson, Theresa Redaniel, Marina O’Brien, Christian Costello, Hope project, Second Step


May 2023 Inequality in action sports: How marketing and media can help foster inclusion Spotswood, Fiona; Hurcombe, Martin; Marsh, Barney health and medicine, sports, Fiona Spotswood, Martin Hurcombe, Barney Marsh
May 2023 Services to support family and friends affected by someone else’s gambling should be included in strategic commissioning plans Collard, Sharon; Davies, Sara; Cross, Katie Politics and Society, gambling, mental health, wellbeing, Sharon Collard, Sara Davies, Katie Cross
Apr 2023 Let’s talk about death: All children in England should receive grief education at school Dawson, Lesel Education, grief, death, bereavement, children, PHSE
Apr 2023 How the Great British Insulation scheme can help
the most vulnerable
Atkins, Ed Energy and Environment, Energy Efficiency, Just Transition, Vulnerable, Great British Insulation scheme
Mar 2023 Encouraging take up of low carbon heating solutions requires better information provision, new value creation and financing models Chitchyan, Ruzanna Energy and Environment, low carbon heating solutions, net zero 
Mar 2023 Universal free school meals in secondary schools are a feasible and acceptable way to address food insecurity Kidger, Judi; Carlisle, Vicky; Jessiman, Tricia; Breheny, Katie et al. Education, Health & Medicine, Rona Campbell, Russ Jago, Steve Strong, Marcus Robinson, universal free school meals, food poverty, Universal Credit, Hammersmith and Fulham, secondary schools
Feb 2023 Skills required for future ‘smart local energy systems’ need new approaches Bird, Caroline; Chitchyan, Ruzanna Education, Technology, Energy and Environment, Smart Local Energy Systems, training and qualifications
Feb 2023 Women refugees impacted by narrow definitions of torture Canning, Victoria Politics and society, torture, refugees, women
Jan 2023 Local Action for the Global Goals: A Case Study of Bristol Macleod, Allan; Fox, Sean; Aguirre, Raquel Sustainable Development Goals, Voluntary Local Review, Bristol
Jan 2023 Generational attitudes to facial recognition: How retailers and policymakers should approach the use of developing facial recognition technology Pantano, Eleonora; Marikyan, Davit; Vannucci, Virginia 
Politics and Society, facial recognition, technology, CCTV, generational attitudes 
Dec 2022 Successful procurement digitalisation requires more data, in-house expertise, and improved governance mechanisms Sanchez Graells, Albert Politics and Society, digitalisation, procurement
Dec 2022 Alternative Rites of Passage: What is their role in FGM/C abandonment? Van Bavel, Hannelore; Hughes, Lotte; Kaul, Arunav; Newell-Jones, Katy Politics and Society, health, FGM/C, Alternative rites of passage, East Africa
Dec 2022 From mothers for mothers - supporting financial resilience through user centred services Angsten Clark, Anne; Royall, Claire  Politics and Society, Financial Resilience

Dec 2022

The response to Covid-19 in Northern Uganda should be disability-inclusive Sandhar, Jassi Kaur Health and Medicine; Politics and Society; Uganda; Covid-19; disability; disabilities; inclusivity

Nov 2022

Reform Development Finance Institutions (DFI's) grievance mechanisms to uphold human rights Ferrando, Tomaso Politics and society, Business and economy, Development Finance Institutions, human rights

Nov 2022

Digital Inclusion in the energy system Chambers, Joseph; Robinson, Caitlin; Scott, Matthew Energy and Environment, Digital Inclusion

Nov 2022

After a decade of austerity, urgent changes are needed to improve prison services Ismail, Nasrul Politics and Society, austerity, prison services, prison reform

Nov 2022

Urgent reforms are needed for prison healthcare services after a decade of austerity Ismail, Nasrul Politics and Society, Health, Prisons, prison healthcare, austerity. prison reform 

Oct 2022

Community-centred services support residents to build financial resilience  Angsten Clark, Anne; Collard, Sharon; Holme, Caitlin; Jenkins, Daniella; Ahmed, Moustapha; Dimitrui, Claudia; Duucale, Elmi; Osman, Iqbal; Dora, Lisa; Ramakrishnan, Hari Politics and Society, Economy, financial resilience, community 

Oct 2022

Regulating digitisation of critical infrastructures Michalec, Ola; Milyaeva, Sveta; Rashid, Awais Technology, digitisation, critical infrastructure, regulation, Operational Technologies 

Oct 2022

Tackling precarious work through financial regulation and private debt relief Gouzoulis, Giorgos; (Takis) Iliopoulos, Panagiotis; Galanis, Giorgos Business and Economy, precarious work, financial regulation, debt relief

Oct 2022

Mental Capacity, Self-Neglect, and Adult Safeguarding Practices: Evidence Synthesis and Agenda for Change Miles, Flora; Lariviere, Matthew Health and Medicine, mental capacity, self-neglect, adult safeguarding, Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Oct 2022

Targeted support needed for researcher wellbeing Hammett, Jessica; Garcia-Reyes, Karina; Nunan, Claire Arts and Culture, Health and Medicine, Politics and Society, wellbeing, mental health

Oct 2022

‘We shouldn’t have to shout to be heard’: Valuing Parents as Experts Charnock, Hannah; McLellan, Josie; Hutchen, Jude; Evans, Sharon; Selassie, Jendaye; Hussein, Muna; Whittmore, Becky; Hamid, Roofi Politics and Society, COVID-19, Parenting, pandemic, children, education, mental health, wellbeing

Oct 2022

Climate Change education: A “world-leading strategy” would benefit from being research-informed Howard-Jones, Paul; Dillon, Justin Education, Climate Change, school, teachers, research

Sept 2022

Implementing the UK’s Indo-Pacific Tilt in Southeast Asia through equitable and sustainable partnerships Edwards, Scott; Yates, Robert Politics and society, Southeast Asia, security, UK, strategy

July 2022

Fostering art-science collaborations to tackle environmental challenges Oyarzún, Fernanda; Pinochet, Carla; Valdés, Catalina; Pohl, Nélida; Merchant, Paul  Arts and Culture, art-science collaboration, Chile, environment,environmental challenges

July 2022

Time to make it count: Implementing the UK’s new maritime security strategy Edmunds, Timothy Politics and Society, maritime, security, UK, strategy

June 2022

Air navigation services should be funded as a public good Turnbull, Peter; Thomas, Huw; Harvey, Geraint  Politics and Society, COVID-19, Civil Aviation Industry, airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers 

May 2022

Offer choice of different emollient types and support their use in children with eczema Ridd, Matthew; Best Emollients for Eczema study team Health and Medicine; eczema, dermatitis, BEE

April 2022

Tackling digital exclusion for survivors of modern slavery Malpass, Alice; Horwood, Jeremy; McLeod, Hugh; Farr, Michelle et al.  Health and Medicine; Politics and Society

March 2022

Hennessy, Lauren; Kelly, Lucy; Kelly, Catherine Education, schools, diary, wellbeing, teachers

March 2022

Davies, Amy; Humphries, Kerry; Sharp, Gemma; Southby, Lucy; Wren, Yvonne Health and Medicine

Feb 2022

Haines, Dan Politics and Society, India, Pakistan, Indus River, Indus Water Treaty, Kashmir

Feb 2022

Karlsen, Saffron; Retief, Angelique; Jirde, Sado Politics and Society, health, COVID-19, community, ethnicity

Dec 2021

Gouzoulis, Giorgos; Galanis, Giorgos Business and Economy, definancialisation, workplace regulation, public health, policy

Dec 2021

Eating disorder symptoms and self-harm are linked to higher levels of depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic
Warne, Naomi; Heron, Jon; Mars, Becky; Kwong, Alex; Solmi, Francesca; Pearson,  Rebecca; Moran, Paul; Bould, Helen  Health and Medicine, ALSPAC, Children of the 90s, eating disorders, self-harm, covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic, mental health, wellbeing

Nov 2021

Regulating digitisation of critical infrastructures: we need diverse experts to translate cyber security risks into the sector-specific contexts

Michalec, Ola; Milyaeva, Sveta; Rashid, Awais Energy and Environment, cyber security, digital innovations, critical infrastructure

Nov 2021

Is it worth calculating Progress 8 anymore?

Prior, Lucy; Jerrim, John; Thomson, Dave; Leckie, George Education, Progress 8, COVID-19, qualifications, secondary school

Nov 2021

Undertaking reviews of monuments and street names: Processes to guide public bodies

Stephenson, Ben; Burch Brown Joanna; Gournet, Marie-Annick Politics and Society, reviews, monuments, street names, public bodies

Nov 2021

An opportunity to rethink opiate addiction treatment policy and practice?

Hines, Lindsey; Kesten, Joanna Health and Medicine, opiate, addiction, treatment

Oct 2021

Risks of childhood statelessness for the children associated with alleged ‘foreign fighters’ detained in Syria and Iraq

Pougnet, Rachel Politics and Society, statelessness, childhood, children, foreign fighters, Iraq, Syria

Oct 2021

What are the odds? The appeal of gambling adverts to children and young persons on twitter 

Rossi, Raffaello; Nairn, Agnes Politics and Society, Business & Economy, Technology, gambling

Oct 2021

Seen but not heard: addressing the silent epidemic of child maltreatment in India

Fernandes, Gwen Health and Medicine, children, India, maltreatment

Oct 2021

Autistic students’ poor mental health: staff training needed to improve outcomes

Sedgewick, Felicity Health and Medicine, autism, mental health

Oct 2021

Securing a just transition to a climate resilient Bristol: obstacles and opportunities

Dietzel, Alix; Venn, Alice Politics and Society, climate, Bristol, just transition

Sept 2021

Telling Local Stories: New routes of climate change and nature communication in Bristol

Atkins, Ed Energy and Environment, climate change, nature, communication, Bristol

June 2021

Evaluating risk level in cities to support tourists and inhabitants during COVID-19

Pantano, Eleonora; Scarpi, Daniele; Vannucci, Virginia; Bilotta, Elenora; Pantano, Pietro Politics and society, COVID-19, risk, cities, tourism, travel

June 2021

Multiple adolescent risk behaviours should be targeted to prevent cancer risk in young adults

Wright, Caroline Health and Medicine, cancer, adolescent, prevention



The Istanbul Convention and Queer Women Seeking Asylum

Tschalaer, Mengia Politics and Society, asylum, women, Istanbul Convention, LGBTQI+

May 2021

The UK Investor Visa: History, Aims and Controversies

Kunz, Sarah Politics and Society, immigration, investor visa

May 2021

Tackling teenage sexual violence: history shows culture, not just technology, should be addressed

Charnock, Hannah Politics and Society, teenage sexual violence, culture, technology

Apr 2021

Online information and advice to carers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Lloyd, Liz; Bezzina, Agnes; Willis, Paul; Ali, Becky Politics and Society, COVID-19, social care, online information

Mar 2020

COVID-19: Local coordination delivered emergency food, but food plans must address food insecurity

Lucas, Patricia; et al Politics and Society, COVID-19, food provision, food insecurity

Feb 2021

A consultancy habit? The use of external management advice in the NHS

Sturdy, Andrew; Kirkpatrick, Ian; Veronesi, Gianluca Politics and Society, management, consultancy, NHS

Feb 2021

We can't prevent childhood obesity by education alone: lessons from the evidence base

Nobles, James; Jago, Russ; Moore, Theresa; Summerbell, Carolyn; Brown, Tamara Health and Medicine, childhood, obesity, education, evidence

Jan 2021

Not on the buses: reduce inequality by subsidising bus travel for Bristolian children

 Layard, Antonia; McNab, Finlay; Room 13 Hareclive and Ingrid Skeels Politics and Society, inequality, Bristol, transport, children

Jan 2021

Improving outcomes for young children in refugee families

Allport, Tom; Mace, Jessica; Farah, Fatima; Yusuf, Fatima; Mahjoubi, Lamine; Redwood, Sabi; Jaeckle, Sally Politics and Society, refugees, child development

Nov 2020

Nutrition labelling helps individuals choose
healthier foods

 von Hinke, Stephanie; Fichera, Eleonora  Politics and Society, health, nutrition, food

Oct 2020

We need better data to address regional race disparity Karlsen, Saffron; Retief, Angelique; Kirde, Sado Politics and Society, South West, race, data

Oct 2020

Can management consultancy be regulated? Sturdy, Andrew Politics and Society, management, consultancy, regulation

Sept 2020

Menopause in the workplace: Employers' role is critical Beck, Vanessa; Nelson, Rosie Politics and Society, menopause

Sept 2020

Approved Mental Health Professionals’ views on the role of relatives in compulsory mental health admissions: Challenges and opportunities Laing, Judy; Dixon, Jeremy; Stone, Kevin; Wilkinson-Tough, Megan  Health and Medicine, mental health, family

Sept 2020

Regulating digitisation of critical infrastructure Michalec, Ola; van der Linden, Dirk; Milyaeva, Sveta; Rashid, Awais Technology, infrastructure, cyber security

Sept 2020

Responding to child neglect in schools: messages for inter-agency safeguarding practice Sharley, Victoria Education, child neglect, schools, safeguarding practice

July 2020

Kept Apart: Immigration system needs reform to stop traumatic separation of families and couples Charsley, Katherine Politics and Society, immigration, families

July 2020

Extreme weather and their impacts under climate change Lo, Eunice; Mitchell, Dann Energy and Environment, extreme weather, climate change

July 2020

Atmospheric measurements improve global emissions reporting Hoare, Daniel; Rigby, Matt Energy and Environment, atmospheric measurements, global emissions reporting

July 2020

Professional understandings of child neglect in Namibia Sharley, Victoria; Ananias Janetta; Rees, Alyson; Leonard Emmerentia Politics and Society, child neglect, Namibia

July 2020

Children in informal care arrangements with extended family: messages for best practice in Namibia

Sharley, Victoria; Ananias Janetta; Rees, Alyson; Leonard Emmerentia Politics and Society, fosterage, family, Namibia

Jun 2020

Returning to growth: the role of management practices in productivity

Burger, Katharine; Pitts, Harry; Smart, Palie
 Business, productivity, management, leadership

Jun 2020

The memories of marginalised communities need to be part of peacebuilding and transitional justice in Colombia

 The MEMPAZ Collective  Politics and Society, Colombia, peacebuilding, transitional justice 

Jun 2020

The Effects of COVID-19 on Queer Asylum Claimants in Germany

Tschalaer, Mengia Politics and Society, Covid-19, Asylum claimants, Germany, LGBTQI+

Jun 2020

The Recognition of Black Lesbian Asylum Claims in Germany

 Tschalaer, Mengia Politics and Society, Asylum claimants, Germany, LGBTQI+

Jun 2020

Bristol in Brief 1: Drugs in the South West

Torrance, Josh; Khouja, Jasmine; Crick, Emily Politics and Society, drug use, South West

Jun 2020

Hines, Lindsey Health and Medicine, drug use, young people

Jun 2020

Klantschnig, Gernot;
Frowd, Philippe; Apard, Elodie
Politics and Society, West Africa, drug policy, drug trafficking, irregular migration

Jun 2020

Thomas, Clare Health and Medicine, Drug use, Hepatitis C

Jun 2020

Martin, Richard; Relton, Caroline; Wade, Kaitlin; Richmond, Rebecca; Yarmolinsky, James Health and Medicine, cancer, policy

Apr 2020

 Berridge, David; Luke, Nikki  Politics and Society, Education

Mar 2020

 Edmunds, Timothy; Edwards, Scott  Politics and Society, Brexit, maritime security

Mar 2020

Sweeting, David; Hambleton, Robin; Oliver, Thom Politics and Society, Bristol, Mayor

Mar 2020

Hendry, Katharine Energy and Environment;Arctic Ocean;climate;ocean

Mar 2020

Hendry, Katharine  Energy and Environment, Arctic Ocean, climate, ocean

Mar 2020

Provide women with information about the risk of  pregnancy to increase contraceptive demand

Valente, Christine

Politics and Society, pregnancy, fertility, women
Jan 2020

How depression relates to academic achievement in adolescence and early adulthood: identifying high risk points

López-López, José 

Health and Medicine, depression, Education, disability, adolescence
Jan 2020

Riding Sunbeams: powering our trains with solar PV

Nolden, Colin

Technology, energy and environment
Dec 2019

Lessons from political opinion polls: using surveys to value non-market goods such as human life

Thomas, Philip

Technology, Politics and Society, nuclear, polling, surveys
Oct 2019  Queer Asylum in Germany: Better visibility and access to legal and social support needed for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum in Germany

Tschalaer, Dr Mengia;
Dr Nina Held

Politics and Society, Queer asylum, LGBTQI+, asylum seekers, human rights, gender identity
Oct 2019 Policy Briefing 77 Oct-2019 Germany queer asylum German version (PDF, 336kB)

Tschalaer, Dr Mengia;
Dr Nina Held

Politics and Society, Queer asylum, LGBTQI+, asylum seekers, human rights, gender identity
Oct 2019  Work and workers should be central in the UK national food strategy

Ferrando, Dr Tomaso; Vicki Hird; 
Deirdre Woods

Business and Economy, Energy and Environment, Politics and Society, food, Agricultural Bill, UK workers, national food strategy
Sept 2019  Sri Lanka: Responding to new challenges for peace in the shadow of the Easter Sunday attacks

Algar-Faria, Gilberto; Anupama Ranawana; Rosanna Carver

Politics and society, Sri Lanka, peace, poverty, peacebuilding, reconciliation, Easter Sunday attacks
Aug 2019  Biddable Youth. Twitter sports and esports gambling adverts: action required to protect children

Nairn, Agnes ; Josh Smith

 Politics and society, health and medicine, education, gambling, esports, children, Twitter, betting
April 2019 The importance of being Dad: services working with families should recognise and support all fathers, including those with learning difficulties

Tilbury, Nadine; Jon Symonds; Beth Tarleton

Politics and society, health and medicine, fathers, learning difficulties, support services
June 2019 The fight for financial inclusion: free access to cash must be guaranteed across the UK

Tischer, Daniel; Jamie Evans; Sara Davies

Politics and society, business and economy, ATMs, AvCash, Access to Cash Review, cash, financial inclusion, money, PFRC
June 2019 Privacy implications of pet wearables

van der Linden, Dr Dirk; et al

Technology, Politics and society, Business and economy, pet wearables, data, data tracking, cybersecurity, GPS, GDPR, data capture, Barney Craggs, Professor Awais Rashid, Anna Zamansky, Irit Hadar
May 2019 Higher Education in South Africa: addressing inequalities experienced by students from rural contexts

Timmis, Dr Sue; et al 

Education, politics and society, schools, rural students, South Africa, SARiHE, higher education, widening participation, Thea de Wet, Sheila Trahar, Lisa Lucas, Karen Desborough,
Kibbie Naidoo, Patricia Muhuro, Emmanuel Mgqwashu, Gina Wisker
May 2019 National and local policies still need strengthening: findings from the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review

Heslop, Professor Pauline; Chris Allen 

Health and medicine, politics and society, learning disabilities, Learning Disabilities Mortality Review, LeDeR 
 Apr 2019  Rewarding food businesses that promote healthier and sustainable eating: Lessons learned from the Bristol Eating Better Award evaluation

Papadaki, Dr Angeliki; et al 

Health and medicine, politics and society, food, Bristol Eating Better, Sugar Smart, nutrition, food businesses, Chelsea Alventosa, Zoi Toumpakari, Clare England, Simon Sebire, Laura Johnson, Grace Davies, Brianna O’Malley, Wendy Parker, Sally Hogg 
Apr 2019 Economic and social well-being in the UK: how living standards should be measured

Patsios, Dr Demi; Dr Marco Pomati

Politics and society, Business and economy, living standards, well-being, material deprivation, income, financial situation
Apr 2019 Addressing older men’s experiences of loneliness and social isolation in later life

Willis, Dr Paul; et al 

Politics and society, health and medicine, loneliness, older men, older men at the margins, OMAM, social isolation, social engagement, Alex Vickery, Jackie Hammond, Jon Symonds, Tricia Jessiman, David Abbott
Mar 2019 Academy Trusts need better support to promote health

Jessiman, Tricia; et al 

Education, health and medicine, schools, academies, Academy Trusts, health, health promotion, Rona Campbell, Russ Jago, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Esther Van Sluijs
Mar 2019 Common Cause: action needed to create fair and mutual research partnerships between universities and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities Dunleavy, Katherine Education, politics and society, research partnerships, BAME, Black and Ethnic Minorities, BAME Communities
Mar 2019 Ensuring trans people in Wales receive dignified and inclusive health and social care in later life: The Trans Ageing and Care (TrAC) project, 2016-18 Willis, Dr Paul; Dr Michele Raithby Politics and society, health and medicine, trans, transgender, inclusive health care, gender, LGB&T
Mar 2019  Reimagining refugee rights: addressing asylum harms in Britain, Denmark and Sweden Canning, Dr Victoria Politics and Society; refugees; asylum seekers; deportation centres; refugee rights 
Mar 2019 Universities should review support, assessment and contextual offers for widening participation students Thomas, Professor Sally; Dr Lei Zhang; Professor Harvey Goldstein Education;universities;higher education;widening participation;accessibility;value-added;contextual offers;students;

Mar 2019

 PolicyBristol Policy Report 48 Feb 2019 FGM safeguarding Somali version (PDF, 917kB)

Karlsen, Dr Saffron; Dr Natasha Carver;  Dr Magda Mogilnicka; Prof Christina Pantazis 

Politics and Society; Health and Medicine; FGM; Female Genital Mutilation; Safeguarding; Somalis

Mar 2019

“Stigmatising” and “traumatising” approaches to FGM-safeguarding need urgent review

Karlsen, Dr Saffron; Dr Natasha Carver;  Dr Magda Mogilnicka; Prof Christina Pantazis 

Politics and Society;Health and Medicine;FGM;Female Genital Mutilation;Safeguarding;Somalis

Jan 2019

NHS managers: part of the solution, not the problem

Veronesi, Professor Gianluca;  Professor Ian Kirkpatrick ; Associate Professor Ali Altanlar

Health and Medicine;Politics and Society;NHS;NHS Long Term Plan;Managers

Jan 2019

The Government’s Progress 8 school performance measure needs to account for pupil background

Leckie, Dr George; Professor Harvey Goldstein

Education; schools; Progress 8; measures;ALSPAC

Jan 2019

Understanding integration processes: informing policy and practice

Charsley, Dr Katharine; Dr Sarah Spencer

Politics and society; integration; Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper; migrants

Dec 2018 

 Minimising the risks of major industrial accidents

Taylor, Dr Richard; Dr John May; Dr Neil Carhart; Richard Voke

Politics and Society; Technology; nuclear; industrial accidents; risk management

Nov 2018

 Delivering public health outcomes: vending machines should stock healthier food and drinks

Papadaki, Dr Angeliki; Dr Zoi Toumpakari; Dr Laura Johnson

Health and Medicine; Politics and Society; food; vending machines; obesity; obesogenic food

Nov 2018

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: prevention, identification and support need more resources

McQuire, Dr Cheryl; Professor Shantini Paranjothy 

Health and Medicine; Politics and Society; FASD; children; Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder;ALSPAC

Nov 2018

A UK right to food law could tackle food poverty and environmental degradation

Ferrando, Dr Tomaso; Kath Dalmeny

Politics and Society; Health and Medicine; food; poverty; Agricultural Bill 2017-19

Nov 2018

More than a medical symptom: the need for holistic care of breathlessness

Carel, Professor Havi; et al

Health and Medicine; breath; life of breath; breathlessness; COPD;Jane Macnaughton;Alice Malpass; Kate Binnie; Coreen McGuire; Gene Feder; James W. Dodd; Jordan Collver; Elspeth Penny
Nov 2018 Universities should be accessible to everyone, with lifelong learning at the heart of their work Sperlinger, Professor Tom; Professor Josie McLellan; Professor Richard Pettigrew Education; universities; lifelong learning; accessibility
 Oct 2018 Young people with continence problems need
better support at secondary school
Joinson, Dr Carol; Dr Katie Whale; Juliette Randall Health and Medicine; continence; young people, ERIC

Oct 2018

Mapping the ‘soft properties’ of cities for effective policy interventions Barter, Edmund; Thilo Gross

Energy and Environment, soft properties, physical infrastructure, cities, mapping

Oct 2018

How should health policy respond to the growing challenge of multimorbidity? Salisbury, Professor Chris; Bruce Guthrie; Peter Bower; Stewart W Mercer 

Health and Medicine; NHS; Multimorbidity

Oct 2018

Industrial Sustainability and the Role of Research in Addressing the UK Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges Smart, Professor Palie

Technology, Politics and Society, Industrial Sustainability, Industrial Strategy

Oct 2018

All parents should be offered the opportunity to engage with the review of their baby’s death Burden, Dr Christy; et al

politics and society; Health and medicine; perinatal death; stillbirth; PMRT programme, PNMR review; parents; bereavement;Danya Bakhbakhi;Mary Lynch;Laura Timlin;Claire Storey;Alexander Heazell;Dimitrios Siassakos

Sept 2018

Enhancing the integration of Pakistani migrant husbands

Charsley, Dr Katharine

Politics and Society; Education; integration; migrant;QED

Sept 2018

 Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Reframing language education

Burdett, Professor Charles; Professor Jennifer Burns; Professor Derek Duncan; Professor Loredana Polezzi

Arts and Culture, Education, Politics and Society, TML project, languages

Sept 2018

Sustainable fisheries, food security: lessons from tilapia fish in Tanzania Genner, Professor Martin; et al   Energy and Environment; Sustainable fisheries; Tanzania;tilapia; cross-breeding

Sept 2018

Measures of school performances are biased by genetic differences between students

Morris, Dr Tim; et al  

politics and society; Health and medicine; genetics; CVA; genetic data; school performance; school league tables

June 2018

Increasing the duration of repeat prescriptions may save NHS money and improve care Payne, Dr Rupert; Dr Sarah King; Dr Ed Wilson; Dr Céline Miani Health and Medicine;prescriptions; NHS England; repeat prescriptions; medication;
June 2018 Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women’s Advocate

Bates, Dr Lis; Dr Geetanjali Gangoli

Politics and Society; refugees; asylum-seekers; sexual violence; gender violence; women; ASVARW
June 2018 Loneliness and isolation: the need for community-led action

Barke, Dr Jenny; et al  

Politics and Society;social isolation; loneliness; community; Connected Communities; BS3 Community;  Ben Crawford, Helen Manchester and Morag McDermont; James Duggan; Ruth Green; Simon Hankins; Steve Franks; Carol Jubb; Alan Nye; Alexandra Pickford
May 2018 Policy report 33 - May 2018 - Words matter (PDF, 185kB) Dowling, Sandra; Joe Webb; Val Williams; Marina Gall Politics and Society;Disability Rights UK; Getting Things Changed; Dept of Health and Social Care
May 2018  Policy report 32 - May 2018 - Universities (PDF, 410kB)  D'Evelyn, Stephen; et al  Politics and Society;Disability Rights UK; Getting Things Changed; Universities; Victoria Mason-Angelow; Wendy Merchant; Sue Porter; Stuart Read; Sheila Trahar
May 2018  Policy report 31- May 2018 - Actors with learning disabilities (PDF, 315kB) Richards, Beth; Mike Steel, Victoria Mason-Angelow Politics and Society;Disability Rights UK; Getting Things Changed; Equity; The Arts Council
May 2018  ‌‌ Tilbury, Nadine; Beth Tarleton; Danielle Turney; Wendy Merchant Politics and Society;Disability Rights UK; Getting Things Changed
May 2018  Policy report 29 - May 2018 - Open up Music (PDF, 385kB) Gall, Marina; Val Williams; Joe Webb, Sandra Dowling Politics and Society; The Music Education Council; Disability Rights UK; OpenUpMusic
May 2018  Policy report 28 - May 2018 - Hospitals (PDF, 391kB) Read, Stuart; et al   Politics and Society;Hospitals;Hospital Trusts;Clinical Commissioning Groups;Care Quality Commission;Pauline Heslop; Caroline Miles; Victoria Mason-Angelow; Sue Turner; Chris Hatton
May 2018 Policy report 27 - May 2018 - Commissioners and co-production (PDF, 632kB) Sass, Bernd; Anna Denham Politics and Society;DPO's;Adult Social Care; Local Authorities; Commissioners
May 2018 Policy report 26 - May 2018 - Dementia (PDF, 518kB) Webb, Joe; Val Williams, Sandra Dowling and Marina Gall Politics and Society;dementia;Dept of Health and Social Care; Local Authorities; service providers
May 2018 Peace capacity building Juncos, Dr Ana E; Gilberto Algar-Faria; Natalie Jester Politics and Society;marginalised groups;conflict prevention;peacebuilding;PeaceCapacity
Apr 2018  Calculating the value of human life: safety decisions that can be trusted (PDF, 1,000kB) Thomas, Professor Philip Politics and Society;Medicine;J value;VPF;value of a prevented fatality;life expectancy value;cost-benefit analysis;health and safety;risk management
Mar 2018

British citizenship in times of Brexit

Prabhat, Dr Devyani

Politics and Society;Immigration;Citizenship;Home Office;Brexit;British citizenship;EEA;ILR;Britishness;Belonging and Citizenship

Feb 2018

Encounter, conversation and interaction: Improving
community relations through religious education

McKeown Jones, Dr Shelley, et al;   Politics and Society;children;religious education;NATRE;Westhill;community relations;UK; Dr Janet Orchard;Dr Amanda Williams;Dr Kathryn Wright;Ms Kate Christopher;Dr Rachael Jackson-Royal
Feb 2018 Management consultancy and inefficiency in the NHS

Sturdy, Professor Andrew; Gianluca Veronesi; Ian Kirkpatrick

Health and Medicine;Business and Economy;NHS;patient;care;health;GP;NHS Trust;management consultancy
Jan 2018  The future of farming policy in the UK: giving farmers a voice in development and delivery Morgans, Lisa; Dr Kristen Reyher; Lisa van Dijk; Professor David Main Health and Medicine;Energy and Environment;livestock;animal welfare;Brexit;UK farming;farmer-first;AHDB;SAC Consulting; ADAS;veterinary practices
Jan 2018  Farm animal welfare  Mullan, Dr Siobhan; Professor David Main; Dr Jessica Stokes Health and Medicine;Politics and Society;Energy and Environment;livestock;animal welfare;Brexit;UK farming;Red Tractor;RSPCA;Assured and Organic
Jan 2018  Mixed-immigration status families Griffiths, Dr Melanie; Candice Morgan Politics and Society;Immigration;Deportation;Home Office;families;Article 8;European Convention on Human Rights;ECHR;mixed-immigration status
Jan 2018 Detention of fathers Griffiths, Dr Melanie; Candice Morgan Politics and Society;Immigration;Deportation;Home Office;families;detention centres;IRCs;fathers
Jan 2018 Operation Nexus Griffiths, Dr Melanie; Candice Morgan Politics and Society;immigration;operation nexus;deportation;Home Office;Foreign National Offenders;FNOs;families 
Jan 2018 Rates of giant liver and rumen fluke in cattle: implications for effective control in Tanzania Eisler, Professor Mark; et al.  Health and Medicine;politics and society;energy and environment;Tanzania;cattle;drug-resistant infection;Rose Vineer;Coles;Kassuku;Nzalawahe;parasites;livestock;community;fluke;fasciolosis
Dec 2017 Preventing suicide in Sri Lanka: Supporting vulnerable populations Knipe, Dr Duleeka; et al.  Health and Medicine; politics and society;suicide;pesticides;Metcalfe;Lambert;Gunnell;Jayamanne;Rajapakse;Dass
Dec 2017 Policy report 20 - Sinhala version (PDF, 253kB) Knipe, Dr Duleeka; et al.  Health and Medicine; politics and society;suicide;pesticides;Metcalfe;Lambert;Gunnell;Jayamanne;Rajapakse;Dass
Dec 2017 Policy report 20 - Tamil version (PDF, 457kB) Knipe, Dr Duleeka; et al.  Health and Medicine; politics and society;suicide;pesticides;Metcalfe;Lambert;Gunnell;Jayamanne;Rajapakse;Dass
Nov 2017 Developing inclusive care homes for older people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) Willis, Dr Paul; Professor Trish Hafford-Letchfield; Professor Kathryn Almack; Dr Paul Simpson Health and Medicine;politics and society;arts and culture;LGBT;care homes;inclusion;ageing;equality
Nov 2017 Children growing up in the care of relatives in the UK‌  Wijedasa, Dinithi Arts and Culture;Politics and Society;children;kinship;relatives;UK
Nov 2017 Online GP consultation systems need further development and careful implementation to realise benefits Farr, Michelle; et al.  Health and Medicine;NHS;patient;care;health;GP
Nov 2017 Poo Patrol: Community-led science and action to reduce dog fouling and improve child health Watson, Dr Debbie; Clare Marshall; Professor Eric Morgan Energy and Environment;Health and Medicine;Arts and Culture;Politics and Society;child health;dog poo;Poo Patrol;public health
Nov 2017 Advising in Austerity: The value of good advice McDermont, Professor Morag; Ben Crawford; Sue Evans Politics and society;austerity;citizen's advice; funding; legal rights; Productive Margins;advice;infographic;Anna
Oct 2017 Comparing Chilean school performance: improving fairness in the classification of schools Muñoz-Chereau, Dr Bernardita; Professor Sally Thomas Politics and Society;Chile;School;education;accountability;value-added
Oct 2017 Pregnancy loss: consistent bereavement care pathways needed McGuinness, Dr Sheelagh; Dr Karolina Kuberska; Dr Danielle Fuller Health and Medicine;pregnancy;guidelines;bereavement;Human Tissue Authority;HTA;NHS;patient;care;health

Oct 2017 Advice to eat fish at least twice a week during pregnancy lost in confusing guidelines Taylor, Dr Caroline; Professor Jean Golding, Professor Alan Emond Health and Medicine;pregnancy;mercury;fish;dietary guidance;ALSPAC
Oct 2017 Cleft lip and palate: Improve centralised model of care to ensure best outcomes for children Ness, Andy; et al. Health and Medicine;Cleft Care UK;cleft lip;cleft;NIHR; NHS;health;children;child
Sept 2017 An evidence informed response to the Taylor Review (PDF, 452kB) Bales, Dr Katie; Professor Alan Bogg; Professor Tonia Novitz Politics and Society;Business and economy;work;labour;gig;economy;zero-hours;contracts;labour rights
Sept 2017 Appropriate Adults: Protecting the rights and welfare of vulnerable adults in custody Jessiman, Tricia; Ailsa Cameron Health and Medicine;Politics and society;vulnerable adults;safeguarding;police;welfare;criminal justice system;appropriate;appropriate adults
Sept 2017 Data sovereignty: How can we control our personal data? (PDF, 180kB) Howard, Marilyn; et al. Arts and Culture;Politics and society;Data;Productive margins;women;community;Knowle;3G;Merthyr Tydfil;KWMC
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