Marks unavailable

Find out why some unit results may not be visible in eVision yet and what happens next.

Some results may not be available to view in eVision because of the marking and assessment boycott. As further unit marks become available, they will be updated and displayed in eVision and on your transcript. 

Credit displayed but no unit mark

If the exam board has been able to award your intended degree despite some marks being unavailable, they have awarded credit for the affected units.

The unit mark will currently show in eVision and on a transcript as 0 CA (credit points awarded). In eVision, the missing assessment mark will show as 0 MP (marks pending).

Unit result is displayed but some assessments are not visible

If up to 50% of assessment marks in a unit are unavailable, the exam board can in some cases apply academic mitigation to exclude the missing assessment mark(s) from the unit calculation.

In this case, in eVision you will be able to see:

  • the unit mark
  • the assessment marks which are available
  • the adjusted percentage weighting for the available assessment marks.

Only the unit mark is displayed on your transcript.

No unit result displayed

There will be no result displayed in eVision or on your transcript for any units where the mark is not yet available and credit has not been awarded for the purposes of making award.

Your programme outcome will indicate your progression or award status.

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