Required to transfer

If you do not pass the progression hurdle for continuing on an integrated master's degree, you may be required to transfer to a different degree.

You will receive a notification email when we complete the transfer. You can then check your new programme registration details in Student Info

When you register online for the next academic year, it will be for your new programme.

This outcome is an appealable decision. It is only applicable to integrated master's programmes.

Full details are in paragraphs 30.24, 30.27 and 30.32 of the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes.


If you receive financial support, such as a student loan, contact the Student Funding Office, as your transfer may affect the funding you can receive for your new course.


Students on a Student visa who are being transferred to a lower-level programme will have their visa shortened in line with the new programme end date. Please read the visa information about transferring.

If you have any questions, please contact a Student Visa Adviser who will be able to explain the process. 

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