Exam boards

Exam boards meet at the end of each year or stage of your course to review and verify your grades.

For most courses, exam boards meet after summer assessments and resits in June and August. A final meeting happens in November or December for most taught postgraduate courses.

The exam board is usually chaired by your School Education Director and the meeting includes both internal and external examiners. It considers each case anonymously and discussions are confidential.

What the exam board does

  • reviews marks awarded in assessments and checks that assessments have worked as intended. This might be by:
    • considering the spread of marks in a cohort
    • comparing against historic performance
  • decides if you meet the academic requirements for your year
  • decides the classification of your degree if you are in your final year
  • considers the impact an approved request for exceptional circumstances has had on your performance
  • considers any penalties for academic misconduct or late submission if they are relevant

What happens after the meeting

The board makes a report of its recommendations. The faculty exam board then approves the marks and considers the recommendations. This enforces proper procedures and makes sure that outcomes are fair and consistent.

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