Conditional progression

Under certain conditions, you may be allowed to re-take failed units alongside and in addition to your next year of study.

In your next year of study, your re-taken units will be considered by the exam board before any new units you have taken.  

If you are unable to achieve the credit points for your re-taken units, following three attempts, the exam board will not be able to consider any other units taken as part of your next level of study. You would then be required to withdraw from the University.

If you have validated exceptional circumstances, these will be considered by the exam board in the normal way.

This outcome is an appealable decision.

The outcome is only available from September exam boards and is only permitted on certain programmes. Where permitted, it will be stated under additional progress information in the programme catalogue entry for your programme and year of study.

Full details are in paragraph 30.15.2 of the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes.

Where applicable, conditional progression is selected by the Board of Examiners. You may instead choose to complete your outstanding assessment in your failed unit(s) as part of a supplementary year. You would then progress to the next stage of study in the following academic year on successful completion of these outstanding unit(s). If you want to take the supplementary year instead of conditionally progressing, please contact your school.

Tuition fees

There will not be any additional tuition fees for extra units that are taken during a year of study to meet the requirements of conditional progression.

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