Transfer to another university

What to do if you are thinking of transferring to another university

If you’re thinking about moving to a different university, speak to your personal tutor or supervisor for advice.

How to transfer

  • Contact your new university directly to check if they will admit you to the next year of the course you want to study once you've completed a year at Bristol. If they are willing to accept your application, you must withdraw from your studies at Bristol before registering on your new programme. 
  • If you can’t be admitted to a later year, you may need to apply to start again from the first year of your new course.
  • For undergraduate courses, you will normally be required to apply through UCAS.
  • Postgraduate research students should speak to their supervisor, School PGR Director or local PGR administrative team.

Funding and finance

Your transfer may affect your eligibility for funding and student loans. If you receive financial support, speak to a Money Adviser before you transfer.

You may still be liable to pay some or all of the tuition fees for your current course. For a detailed explanation, read the Student Fees Regulations. You should also check how much the fees are for your new course.

Notifying the Student Loans Company

It can take the University up to eight weeks to notify the Student Loans Company of a change in circumstances. It can then take more time for these changes to be processed by the Student Loans Company. Your funding may be affected during this process.

International students

Please refer to the Student Visa Services webpages before requesting a transfer as you may be required to apply for a new visa.

Degree classification

Transferring to a new university may change how your final degree classification (such as 2:1 or distinction) is worked out. For example, another university may not count your second year towards your final award. Check their academic regulations so you're clear about any differences.

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