Extend your studies (PGT/PGR)

What to do if you are thinking about extending your studies.

This guidance is for:

  • Postgraduate taught students (PGT)
  • Postgraduate research students (PGR).

Extending your studies changes the date when you are due to finish your studies.

You can apply to extend your studies if circumstances beyond your control have affected your progress and you need more time to complete your programme. 

You will need to have a good reason and supporting evidence to apply for an extension of study.

If you do wish to submit an extension of study request, it must be submitted before your expected end date:

  • PGT students need to submit the request at least two weeks before their expected end date.
  • PGR students can only request an extension in their final year of study (pro-rata for part-time students) unless there are any funder, sponsor or partnership rules that permit an earlier request. It is expected that the request will be submitted after your last annual progress monitoring meeting.

Acceptable reasons and the deadline for submitting the request, are included in the regulations for PGT students and PGR students.

For an extension request to be granted, your school will need to see that you have made satisfactory progress in your studies. If you apply for an extension of study, you need to continue working on your programme and will need to finish by the new end date.

PGT coursework extensions

If you are a PGT student and unable to meet a submission deadline(s), you can request a coursework extension. This also applies to the dissertation or final project. However, a coursework extension will not impact your end date.

If you approach the end of your studies and will not be able to finish by the expected end date due to exceptional circumstances, you should consider the implications and get advice about applying for an extension of study.

Get advice

Get advice before making any decisions. If you are on a taught course (PGT), talk to your school. If you are a research student (PGR), talk to your supervisor in the first instance. Your school and your supervisor will be able to advise you.

Implications of extending your studies


If you are living in University-allocated accommodation:

If you are in private rented accommodation:

  • you may not be able to extend your tenancy agreement beyond the agreed date. 
  • speak to the Accommodation Office's Private Sector Advice team for advice. 

Fees and funding

An extension to your course end date may affect your funding and involve the payment of additional fees. Talk to a Money Adviser before you apply for an extension of study.

Notifying the Student Loans Company

It may take the University up to eight weeks to notify the Student Loans Company of a change in your circumstances. It can then take more time for these changes to be processed by the Student Loans Company. This process may affect your funding.


If you are on a Student visa any change to your student status, such as an extension of study, will affect your immigration status in the UK. The extension of studies may also affect your eligibility for the Graduate Route.

Find out more about how extending your studies will affect your visa and email your form to the Student Visa Advisers before you apply for the extension.

Your form cannot be progressed until a Student Visa Adviser has signed it with visa advice.


Extending your studies may have implications to your graduation date. If you have any questions, speak to the Graduation team.

Apply to extend your studies

  1. Speak to your school (PGT) or supervisor (PGR) for advice as soon as possible.
  2. Consider the implications of extending your study, for example, accommodation, visa, and funding.
  3. Request an extension of study form from your school or faculty office (depending on local arrangements).
  4. Complete the form and get supporting evidence.
    • Discuss a plan for completion of study with your school (PGT) or supervisor (PGR)
    • If you are on a Student Visa, speak to the Student Visa Advisor who will need to approve your request.
  5. Submit your completed form with evidence attached and your study or research plan. This must be in an accessible format such as a Word document. Then wait for the decision from the school and faculty.
  6. If your request is approved, your end date will be updated and you will need to complete your dissertation or thesis by the new deadline. 

Regulations and code of practice

Refer to the regulations and code of practice for PGT students and PGR students for more information.

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