View assessment details and results

View your assessment and reassessment details and marks, unit results and programme outcome or award.

Results day(s)

On a designated results day, we will contact you when your marks, programme outcomes or award information are available. Not all students receive their results at the same time, so you should wait until you are contacted. 

  1. Log in to view your results
  2. Select View assessment details.
  3. If required, select a programme to view and select Next.

There may be high traffic to eVision and slower access than normal. Unless we inform you there is a technical issue, wait a few minutes and try again.

Assessment marks

You will be able to see:

  • assessment title
  • percentage (weighting of the assessment in calculating the unit mark)
  • assessment type, such as coursework, exam
  • mark
    • provisional mark. Your mark (recorded as a whole number) before review by the exam boards
    • confirmed mark. Your mark (recorded as a whole number) after review by the exam boards
  • mark signal wording alongside your mark, to give you more information about it
  • attempt (whether this is an uncapped attempt at an assessment or subsequent capped attempt at an assessment)
  • due date and time
  • if you had an extension, the extended due date and time will be listed
  • submitted date and time, if applicable.

Unit results

For each unit you will be able to see: 

  • your confirmed unit mark, recorded as a whole number
  • a mark signal giving more information about your result and anything you need to do next such as a reassessment
  • taken credits (credit point value of the unit)
  • awarded credits (credit point value awarded. You are not usually awarded the credit until you have passed).

The unit result will not be displayed if your marks for that unit are incomplete, for example, if you were absent for an exam.

Programme outcome

Your programme outcome is the decision made by an exam board about your progression to the next stage of your study, or about an action required before your award can be confirmed. 

You can usually view your programme outcome for the academic year after the summer and reassessment exam boards.

When available, your programme outcome is displayed below all the units for the current year.

For outcomes other than progression to the next year of study, there will be a brief description of the outcome and whether it is an appealable decision.

Award details

At the end of your studies, you will receive an email when your final results and award details are available for you to see.

When available, your Award details are displayed above all the units for the current year.

If you have a classified award, you may have to wait until the next day to access your final transcript.


If you are required to complete reassessments, this is shown in various places when unit results are released, usually after summer or reassessment exam boards.

  • Your programme outcome will show that you are required to do reassessments before you can progress to the next stage.
  • Your unit result will include a mark signal showing that you must do a reassessment.
  • Your assessment mark will include a mark signal showing that you must do a reassessment for that specific component.
  • The reassessment details tab shows the details and marks and mark signals for the reassessments themselves. This information may not be available on the same day as your results are released, but will be available soon after

View your reassessment information

  1. Select View my assessment details.
  2. Click the plus button to see more details for each unit.
  3. The Confirmed mark for each assessment will include a mark signal indicating if a reassessment is required.
  4. Select Reassessment details to see the information about your reassessment/s.
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