Assessment support options

We want to support you if something affects your studies.

Getting support before your assessments

If you know of circumstances that are likely to have an impact on your studies, you should contact the appropriate university service so support can be put in place before the assessment.

This could be: 

If a circumstance is going to significantly impact your ability to take most or all of your assessments within an assessment period, contact your senior tutor (your school office can advise who this is).


Absence from exams

Aim to take your exams at the scheduled time, unless you are too unwell.

Exams are a type of assessment and include: 

  • exams which take place in an examination room, or online
  • multiple choice question (MCQ) tests
  • practical examinations (for example performance, supervised lab work)
  • oral examinations (for example presentations).

If you miss an exam, complete the self-certification form for all your exams that took place on the same, single day by 11.59 pm (UK time).

Absence from timed assessments

Timed assessments need to be completed and submitted in a fixed time, which is normally four days.

Deadline extensions, self-certifying absences, and late submissions are not allowed. 

If your performance during the assessment has been significantly affected by illness or other causes:

Absence from teaching 

You may need to notify your school for any period of absence if it is required by your programme of study or a specific unit. Your school will provide details on how to do this. 

If your absence from teaching has significantly impacted your performance in an assessment, submit an exceptional circumstances form explaining the situation. You are required to submit supporting evidence.

Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances are unexpected, unavoidable and make it difficult to attend or complete assessments. If you experience these during your assessments you can ask the exam board to consider the impact they may have had.

This also includes unexpected flare-ups of longer-term, chronic conditions but not things that could have been helped in advance. 

Study Abroad

Resits or re-submissions of work are not permitted for incoming Study Abroad students at Bristol.

If you are a Study Abroad student, we advise that you read the Exceptional circumstances process for Study Abroad page.

How we store your data

Any personal information you share with us as part of exceptional circumstances, self-certification of absence or coursework extension process (including forms and evidence) is stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

It will be confidential to your School or Faculty’s Exceptional Circumstances Committee (ECC) unless you raise it as part of an academic appeal. In that case, it will be confidential to a small number of staff involved in the appeals process.

In line with the Data Protection Act, you must not include personal data about someone else in your form or evidence unless you have their permission to do so.

You may not want to disclose the details of your circumstance on the form or by submitting evidence if it is sensitive and distressing for you. Contact your school and they will arrange for you to talk to an appropriate member of staff who can advise you on how to proceed.

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