Parents & Carers Network

Who we are

The Parents and Carers Network is for University of Bristol staff who are parents or carers (in any context). Our aim is to facilitate mutual support, share experiences, signpost queries and to represent your views to the University.

How we can help

Our aim is to facilitate mutual support, to signpost queries and advice and to represent your views to the University.

We support each other and help our colleagues to:

  • make the transition into parenthood, or to adapt to a new addition to their family
  • support colleagues who are balancing new or ongoing caring responsibilities with work
  • balance caring for an ill, elderly or disabled family member, partner or friend with work commitments
  • meet and talk to others who are in the same or similar situation

Find out more about the policies and support available from the University.

Monthly forums

We host (currently online) monthly forums where we facilitate opportunities to meet other parents and carers working at the University and discuss a different theme each month. Previous topics have included: entertaining the kids over Christmas, home-schooling, and providing feedback on the draft HR family friendly policies, to name a few.

Other events

We also host other events, e.g. we organised an online talk in November given by Dr Fabienne Vailes: How to grow a grown up and navigate the ‘new normal’.

Committee of the Parents and Carers Network

  • Myma Baptist (eBiolabs Development and Support Officer, parent to two young children)
  • Rachel Coggins (International Adviser in HR, parent to two young twin daughters)
  • Charlie Cowley (School Manager, parent to one young child)
  • Roseanna Cross (School Manager, parent to two young children)
  • Rosie Halton (Undergraduate Recruitment Officer – parent to three young children)
  • Albert Sanchez Graells (Professor of Economic Law – parent to two young children)
  • Jessica Vance (Health and Safety Adviser – parent to two school age children and parent carer of a child with a disability / special needs)

The committee meets every two months to discuss how we can support parents and carers across the University (not just those in the network), and arranges socials, shares and co-ordinates information sharing opportunities (mostly via our Yammer group), signposts guidance to staff and works to ensure that University policies and procedures represent the network.

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to know more, please email us at

Join Us

If you would like to get involved then please join the Parents and Carers Network for updates, upcoming events and helpful conversations. 

We have over 500 members and we use this group to seek advice from others and share information. 

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