Global Majority Staff Network

Welcome to the Global Majority Staff Network (GMSN)! We exist to create a community for, and improve the experiences of, Black, Asian, Arab, Latino and other racialised minority staff, including staff from mixed backgrounds featuring one or more of these groups. We know that identity can shape our experiences at work. Navigating workplace politics can be tricky and many Global Majority staff feel like they have to fit themselves into moulds that don’t match who they are. We want this network to be a space where you can show up as yourself, stand in solidarity with others, and have your voice listened to and valued as we work together to create a better and more equitable university.

What we do

The Global Majority Staff Network (GMSN) provides the following for Academic and Professional Staff:

  • We create opportunities for staff from similar backgrounds across the University to build community and connect.
  • We champion the issues and needs of Global Majority staff to Senior Management across the University.
  • We hold the University accountable to its commitment to be an Anti-Racist institution. The Network Chair sits on the University’s Anti Racist Working Group.
  • We create opportunities for staff to develop their career at the University and beyond, including having a buddying and mentoring scheme, and a career development programme.
  • We work with HR to support staff who are having issues at work.

How do I join?

Please fill in this form to join and be added to our mailing list.

How to contact us

If you need to reach the network, you can contact us on

Find us on Viva Engage (formerly Yammer)



Chair: Ifẹ Grillo (they/he) - Student Inclusion Officer (Race and Ethnicity), Student Inclusion Team

Black Workers Group

The Black Workers Group exists to be a space where Black and Mixed Black staff members can come together to connect, support each other and build a community.

If you’re interested in joining this sub-group, please fill in this form.

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