Using our libraries

This page outlines things that anyone in a library should do in order to maintain a space that works for everyone. We want our libraries to be reliable, fulfilling spaces of study that accommodate each students needs. To do that we must all work together, here is how we can do that.

Be considerate

We want everyone to feel comfortable in our libraries in order for them to have the most successful time studying they can. In order for this to happen we need all our users to be kind and considerate when using our spaces. Here are things you can do.

  • When in a silent study area keep your phone on silent, even listening to a quick voicenote on the lowest volume setting or having your phone on vibrate can be distracting for those around you.
  • Clear your desk when you leave, there are plenty of rubbish and recycling bins in all of our libraries so there is no reason to leave rubbish. 
  • Respect the silent study areas, there are plenty of areas in both libraries and study spaces across campus where you can work and are welcome to chat.
  • Don't eat in the libraries or study spaces. Food can be eaten in some designated areas (Discussion Zones are available in the ASSL, Medical and Physics Libraries). Remember that taking a break and leaving your desk is good for your mental health and well-being.
  • Hot food, deliveries and takeaways are not welcome in any our libraries, they are simply too messy and smelly.
  • No one likes a desk hog, there are plenty of study spaces that don't fill up so if you struggle to find a seat take a look through our range of Study spaces or ask a member of staff for recommendations.
  • If you need to work in a group we completely understand - and that is why we have Group Study Spaces! Students can reserve up to 2 hours of group study space a day, just remember to have the space ready for the next person before the end of your slot and to please cancel your booking if you are unable to make it.
  • Libraries are not places for sleeping, so no matter how comfortable you feel in our libraries we will wake you up and potentially ask you to leave if you keep falling asleep as, especially in busy periods, it isn't fair for people who need a library seat. 

Worried about finding a seat?

Did you know that at six of our libraries you can book desk seats?

In ASSL, Education, Medical, Physics, Veterinary Sciences and Wills Memorial Libraries there is a Study space booking system where you can book a desk. You can reserve up to 20 hours of study desk space per week, subject to availability. 

Where is Group Study available?

The following libraries have Group Study spaces, perfect for working together and the places best suited for discussion;

Types of Study Zones

Unsure what different types of study spaces are available in the libraries? Visit our Types of Study Zones page to find out more!

Unsure of anything? Ask us!

If you'd like to know more about the workings of the libraries don't hesitate to ask a memember of staff, ask us on Live Chat (found at the bottom of your screen) or book in for a Show me how session.

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