Reserve an item when something you need is out of the library.

You can reserve an item when:

  • An item is on loan
  • There are no other copies of it you can borrow

After you place your reservation, the person who has the item will not be able to renew it.

When they return the item, it will be kept for you on a hold shelf.

Reserving a book

  1. Find the book on Library Search
  2. Under ‘Access Options’, select ‘Reserve or Request’
  3. Choose a library location for collection

The current borrower will be given 7 days to return the item.

Check your reservations by signing into My Library Account.

Collecting a reserved book 

  1. You will be emailed when the item is on the hold shelf
  2. Issue your book using a self-service kiosk

A book is only held for you on a hold shelf for 7 days.

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