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Open Research

Open Research is a broad range of research practices which, when combined, makes research more accessible, transparent, reproducible, and visible. The Library's Research Support Team provides training, advice and support on a range of Open Research topics.

Open Access publishing

Open Access is free, unrestricted online access to research outputs. The Open Access team offers help and advice to University of Bristol researchers who need or want to publish their research by open access methods.

Research data management

Research data management involves the organisation and preservation of research data and is a core area of research integrity. The Research Data Service supports University of Bristol researchers in planning, creating, using and sharing research data.


Get secure local access to sensitive datasets via the University's SafePod, located in the Medical Library.  

Submission of theses to the library

The University of Bristol requires students to submit their thesis electronically. The option is also open to current members of staff who completed their thesis at the University of Bristol.

Copyright enquiries

The Research Support team handles enquiries relating to University of Bristol research. This might relate to journal articles, datasets or code produced by University of Bristol academics or students.

Researcher metrics

Use citation metrics (bibliometrics) and alternative metrics to benchmark your research performance, find collaborators, and decide where to publish. The Library Research Support team can help you select appropriate metrics, access analysis tools, and interpret metrics data.

Digital Scholarship Support

At Bristol, Digital Scholarship involves using digital tools alongside unique historical collections to support research and teaching. The Library Digital Scholarship team includes both support staff and academics, working closely with archivists across the University to help get the most out of unique cultural collections.

Literature and systematic review

The Academic Engagement Team are experts in resources for their subjects and will be able to help you with a comprehensive review of the literature. They can provide advice and support on:

  • Key databases to search
  • Building a search strategy
  • Using advanced search techniques
  • Setting up search alerts
  • Other sources including 'grey literature'
  • Further reading and systematic review training courses.

The team can also assist with managing search results and provide training and support around reference management software. Please visit their EndNote and Mendeley support pages for more information.

Contact details for members of the Academic Engagement Team can be found here.


Head of Research Support

Stephen Gray

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