Our data collection timelines

The figures below show timelines of our data collections for G0 mothers and their partners

Use your mouse to scroll to specific dates - it may be easier to open up each figure in full screen by clicking on the square icon (above the magnifying glass) on the right hand side of the figure.

 The timelines are colour coded as follows:

  • purple = face to face clinics
  • red=COVID-19 specific data collection
  • blue = questionnaires (G1 only: dark blue = completed by G1, mid blue = completed by G0 about G1; light blue = puberty questionnaires completed by G1 and/or G0)
  • orange =biological samples (please note, these only indicate the samples taken and not the types of samples stored after processing for more details on the latter see here)

The letters in brackets associated with each data collection indicate the name of the data files that store the associated data (and hence the start of variable names). 

Click on each data collection bar to see the time interval over which the data collection occured and the associated sample size.

Timeline for G0 mothers data collection

Timeline for G0 partners data collection

Timeline for G1 data collection

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