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Uploaded Feb 2022

As well as helping you access existing data and samples, we can also help you conduct a wide range of bespoke data and sample collection activities, including whole cohort questionnaire collections, recall-by-genotype substudies, small scale qualitative interview studies and clinic-based biomedical measurements.

We offer the following expertise to support such studies:

  • Experienced study managers who provide advice and guidance at all stages of the study lifecycle – design, costing, grant writing, ethical approval, data collection and analysis.
  • A well-developed cohort infrastructure – clinical facilities, data collection and management technical support, laboratory storage and sample processing facilities, and an experienced staff.
  • An engaged and experienced cohort, used to participating in a range of data collection activity.
  • A rich, existing dataset of phenotypic, environmental, genetic and linkage data and samples gathered from different cohort groups over 25 years.
  • The ALSPAC Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) provide expert advice to the Executive and Board on clinical matters. In addition, researchers can seek advice from the Clinical Advisory Group on what clinical measures should be included in future data and sample collection sweeps. Members of the Clinical Advisory Group are healthcare professionals with full professional registration in the UK who currently provide patient care alongside their research interests. Please contact for more information.

If you would like to find out more about collecting new data:

  1. Please consult our ALSPAC data collection plan (Office document, 16kB) to find out whether the data and samples you require are included in a future study that has already been approved.

  2. Please read our ALSPAC access policy (PDF, 621kB) which describes the process for requesting new data and samples in detail, and outlines the costs associated with doing so.

  3. Please contact and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your plans in more detail. All new data collection requires approval from the ALSPAC Executive Committee, our participant advisory groups, and either the ALSPAC Law and Ethics Committee or an NHS Research Ethics Committee, depending on the nature of your study.

  4. Please submit your research proposal for consideration by the ALSPAC Executive Committee.

If you have any questions about collecting new data and samples, please email

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