Clinical measures

Uploaded Feb 2022

This page provides links to the summaries of data collected by hands-on assessment. Please consult the Data Dictionary for more detailed information.

G0 Mothers

Mothers clinic summary (PDF, 94kB)

G0 Fathers/ Partners

Fathers clinic summary (PDF, 42kB)

G1 Children (from 4 months to 30 years)

Children in Focus - 10% sub-sample examined between 4 months and 5 years of age: summary table (PDF, 377kB)

Focus Clinics - whole cohort from the age of 7 years: Focus Clinic sessions (PDF, 413kB)

G2 Children 

More detailed information on the COCO90s cohort - scroll down to 'Data collection' & 'Future data collection' dropdown menu items.

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