Explore data and samples

We have a vast amount of biological samples and phenotypic, environmental, genetic and linkage data gathered from different cohort groups over the past 30 years. There are several ways you can explore this resource.

Explore available data

There are a number of simple ways to explore the data that is available for research:

  • Our interactive timelines summarising the timepoints at which data has been collected in each participant group
  • Our variable search tool, which allows simple searching across variable names and labels to help with identifying what data might be available.
  • Our data dictionary (zip file), which includes detailed information, including frequencies, on all the data that are currently available, organised by timepoint and participant
  • Our variable catalogue (zip file) - a simple list of all ALSPAC variable names and labels that are available, grouped according to data source and timepoint

External search options for exploring our data include:

If we have the data and samples you require, you can make an access request.

Explore external datasets

A number of ALSPAC datasets can be accessed externally, without the need for project proposals or exec permission, for specific research or for training purposes. A list is available here.

 Cohort profiles

We have published cohort profiles for all generations of the study providing details on recruitment and representativeness.

Data summaries

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or would like to talk to a member of our team about accessing data or samples, please email alspac-data@bristol.ac.uk (data) or bbl-info@bristol.ac.uk (samples).

Recent data releases

Summer 2022 Questionnaire - completed by G1, includes questions about substance use inlcuding smoking, vaping, cannabis, alcohol and other drugs, social support, attitudes and beliefs, sexual attitudes and home environment.
Summer 2022 Parents Questionnaire - completed by G0, includes questions about smoking, alcohol and other drugs, social support, attitudes and beliefs, sexual attitudes, home environment and reproductive history.
Life@30+ Questionnaire - Completed by G1, includes questions about how they are feeling, finances, gambling, aches and pains, reproductive history, pets and pests, and food and drink
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