Children of the Children of the 90s (G2)

This page provides information about the ALSPAC-Generation 2 (ALSPAC-G2) study, which is known to participants as COCO90s (Children of the Children of the 90s study).

Many of the original ALSPAC participants (Children of the 90s) have now become parents, with others planning their family. ALSPAC-G2 is about recruiting this next generation so that ALSPAC is able to make a completely unique contribution to health science, by being able to understand how health, well-being and disease are passed through families.

Eligible participants

The diagram below illustrates who the ALSPAC-G2 eligible participants are and introduces the G0, G1, G2 labelling so that the subsequent recruitment numbers are understandable.

G2 recruitment summary (PDF, 197kB)

You can read more about recruitment in the G2 cohort profile 


Data collection

G2 child tables (PDF, 40kB)

G2 mother tables (PDF, 96kB)

G2 partner tables (PDF, 85kB)

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