Quanta 200 - FEI FEG-SEM

The Quanta 200 is an easy to use and versatile scanning electron microscope (SEM) offering standard high vacuum, low vacuum and environmental modes.

Special features:

  • The electron beam is produced by a field emission gun (FEG) which provides better signal-to noise and resolution compared to tungsten or LaB6 filaments.
  • Fitted with detectors for both secondary electrons (conventional imaging) and back-scattered electrons (e.g. to detect heavy elements including gold particles).
  • A peltier (cooled) stage can be used in combination with environmental SEM modes.
  • A Gatan Alto 2500 CryoSEM attachment allows samples to be plunge-frozen in liquid nitrogen slush, freeze fractured, coated, and imaged at low temperature and high vacuum.

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