Evo 15 - Zeiss ESEM

The Zeiss Evo 15 is a user-friendly scanning electron microscope (SEM), located in LG45a of the Life Sciences Building, offering standard high vacuum, variable pressure and environmental modes.  It is equipped with various detectors for optimal imaging (standard secondary electron, backscatter, variable pressure secondary electron and extended range cascade detector – C2DX).

Special features:

  • The electron beam is produced by a LaB6 filament giving excellent signal-to-noise and good contrast.  It provides long term, stable operation with approximately ten times the brightness of a standard tungsten filament which translates to improved resolution.
  • In standard ‘high vacuum mode’ conductive samples can be imaged with either the conventional secondary electron detector or backscatter detector (this collects electrons scattered as a function of sample composition).
  • Variable pressure mode is available to look at non-conductive specimens with little or no sample preparation needed (i.e. uncoated samples).  It can also be used for samples which are not compatible with high vacuum.

In 'environmental mode' water vapour can be introduced to the specimen chamber and hydrated samples can be looked at in their natural state on a peltier cooled stage.

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