Correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM)

The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility is specifically equipped to combine light and electron microscopy and to undertake CLEM experiments. By utilising the advantages of fluorescence microscopy (e.g. live cell imaging) with the higher resolution and contextual information which EM provides, CLEM can deliver considerably more information than either modality alone.

We have a range of equipment designed to enable CLEM workflows. The specialised nature and complexity of CLEM experiments means that many projects using this equipment have involved collaboration with Prof. Paul Verkade who has extensive expertise in the development and application of CLEM technologies.


The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility is also home to the EMBO practical course on Correlative Light Electron Microscopy. This international course provides participants with the theoretical basis and hands on experience of a wide variety of CLEM techniques.

Recent papers including CLEM data:


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