Scanning EM

The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility is well equipped for a range of SEM experiments.

Our user-friendly SEMs – FEI Quanta 200 FEG-SEM and Zeiss Evo 15 ESEM – are suitable for imaging biological samples and materials in a variety of modes.

  • High vacuum SEM – typically used for biological materials following fixation, dehydration and coating with a thin layer of conductive metal (e.g. gold). This is also suitable for stable materials.
  • Low vacuum / environmental SEM – to image materials in at least partially hydrated (and potentially living) states. This is also suitable for some non-conductive and low melting point materials
  • Cryo-SEM (Quanta 200 only) – for cryo-fixed materials in fully hydrated state. Surfaces and fractured surfaces can be imaged.

The Zeiss Gemini 450 SBF-SEM is also available on request for high resolution high vacuum imaging.

Additional information is available on the Quanta 200 and Evo 15 microscope pages as well as information regarding available processing equipment.

More information and access

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