Building our future together

How our strategy is structured

Our mission explains why we exist, our reason for being and what we do.

Our vision states where we want to be, and what we set out to achieve by 2030.

Our future success will depend upon our three pillars – the University’s core activities and areas of strength.

The pillars are in turn dependent on us making the best use of our resources, which we term our enablers.

Embedded within all our activities in the pillars are our cross-cutters – three key areas of focus.

In everything we do, we must remain true to our values. These encapsulate how we do things and are what make us the University of Bristol.

Our mission

To make a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally by addressing society’s greatest challenges through our distinctive education, innovative research and the value we place on excellence, inclusivity and partnership.

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Our vision

By 2030, we will be firmly established among the world’s top 50 great research-intensive universities, and the top 10 in the UK.

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Our values

Curious and creative

Listening and learning

Caring and inclusive

Bold and Bristolian

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