An inspiring education and transformative student experience

Student centred

Partner with taught and research students to build understanding of their diverse needs and co-create their high-quality university experience, with the goal of being firmly anchored within the Top 10 UK universities for teaching and research.


Students should feel known and listened to as individuals, and it is by working together that our university will flourish.

Research-rich education

Combine research excellence and innovative teaching in ways that foster students’ curiosity and their love of learning, equipping them with the skills to make a difference in society and their chosen fields.


Our education is shaped by the fact that we are a world-class research-intensive university, and the link between research and teaching informs our taught courses and is integral to research supervision.

Programmes for a changing world

Re-imagine our education portfolio to capture the flexibility of digital, blended and in-person modes of delivery, and to respond to social and economic needs, developing innovative types of education at every level, including strengthening our partnerships with further education providers.


Our education needs to be flexible and inclusive, contributing to socio-economic growth by developing skills, encouraging innovation and enterprise, and supporting lifelong learning.

Dynamic learning environment

Create a dynamic, flexible, and inclusive learning environment across our physical and digital campuses at Clifton, Langford and Temple Quarter, which supports social and academic community building.


We want to be at the leading edge of innovation in our use of technology whilst retaining the distinctive learning and living experience offered by our Bristol campus.

Support to thrive

Support and empower every student to reach their potential, academically and personally, providing the skills and experiences to thrive in their studies and beyond.


All aspects of the university experience play a critical role in students’ success and preparedness for their future.


Work with all our students and the University of Bristol Students’ Union to create an inclusive and tolerant culture, where everyone feels respected and that they belong, and we grow and celebrate our diverse communities.


We need to continue to create a culture where students with a wider range of experiences and backgrounds feel welcome, while appreciating the value of free speech.

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