An inspiring education and transformative student experience in a changing world

Research-rich curriculum

Combine research excellence and innovative teaching in ways that develop students’ curiosity, persistence and love of learning, equipping them to make a difference in society and their chosen fields.


Our reputation as a world-class research-intensive university needs to shape our education, enabling our students to be members of a scholarly community focused on the discovery of new knowledge.

Innovative teaching

Inspire every student to learn actively, be creative and solve problems, drawing upon the best combination of in-person and online learning in each of our disciplines to foster their personal and academic development.


Our students deserve an education experience that is flexible, inclusive and dynamic, and our staff are encouraged to explore the best methods to teach and inspire curiosity.

Dynamic learning environment

Create a dynamic, flexible and inclusive learning environment across our physical and digital campuses at Clifton, Langford and our new Temple Quarter site, which facilitate social and academic communities that intersect and learn from each other in formal and informal settings.


We want to be at the leading edge of innovation in our use of technology whilst retaining the distinctive learning and living experience offered by our Bristol campus.

Support to thrive

Support and empower every student to reach their potential personally and academically, providing the conditions and opportunities for them to thrive in their studies and beyond.


Classroom learning forms only part of the university experience and the environment and conditions we create for students play a critical role in their success and preparedness for their future.


Work with our students to create an inclusive culture, where everyone feels respected and that they belong, and we grow and celebrate our diverse communities.


Diversity is a strength, and we need to create a culture where students with a wider range of experiences and backgrounds feel welcome.

Student centred

Place students at the heart of everything we do, understanding their diverse needs and partnering with them to co-create their university experience and make the decisions that shape our future


Every student should feel known and listened to as an individual, and it is by working together that our university will flourish.

Have your say

Our consultation is open – your comments and feedback are welcome.

Staff and postgraduate research student livestreams

We are holding a series of livestreamed discussion events as part of the vision and strategy consultation. Staff and postgraduate research students can join each livestream event or watch previous events through the University intranet.

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