Embedding environmental sustainability

Future citizens

Make sustainability a core competency of a Bristol education by mobilising our curriculum, our student experience and our partnerships in support of the development of tomorrow’s global citizens.


Knowing how to live and work sustainably will be an essential skill for all future graduates and will be an absolute expectation of a world-class university education.

Research impact

Further strengthen the narrative and reach of the University’s multidisciplinary sustainability expertise, so that the impact of its research is felt in both practical applications and public policy contributions.


Contributing to the global body of knowledge about sustainability is one of the most impactful outputs that the University can aspire to.

Living lab

Use the University’s net-zero transition as an opportunity to provide thought-leadership in partnerships with students, staff, community groups and the business community around shared sustainability ambitions.


Institutional leadership in the face of the climate crisis has the potential to galvanize student and staff support, capture the imagination of our civic partners and meaningfully strengthen the University's international visibility and reputation.

Have your say

Our consultation is open – your comments and feedback are welcome.

Staff and postgraduate research student livestreams

We are holding a series of livestreamed discussion events as part of the vision and strategy consultation. Staff and postgraduate research students can join each livestream event or watch previous events through the University intranet.

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