Inspiring and supporting our people

Working environment

Foster an innovative, inspiring and supportive workplace where the most talented and diverse staff globally, nationally and locally can reach their full potential, embracing our collegial way of working which enables great things.


Attracting and supporting a diverse community of people with potential in all aspects of our work will enable us to realise our collective ambitions.

Collaboration and partnership

Support our strong community of scholars and professional services staff to collaborate to find solutions to local, national and global problems, coming together to share the workload to enable a sustainable future for us all.


Sharing knowledge and working together is part of what sets us apart.


Create an adaptable and resilient community in which people can adopt an approach to work that best suits their own individual needs and those of the University, learning from new ways of working.


The wellbeing of all our staff creates resilience and adaptability and is fundamental to our shared success.

Investing in our people

Be known as an organisation that invests in its people and provides opportunity for all to develop their expertise by supporting and nurturing diverse career choices.


We want the current and next generation of world-leading higher education innovators to flourish within our supportive and rewarding environment.

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