Fostering equality, diversity and inclusion

Access and participation

Accelerate the progress we have made in widening participation in recent years by implementing proactive admissions policies and alternative entry routes to increase representation from:

  • mature and local learners;
  • those from postcodes with the lowest rates of progression;
  • Black and Asian students.

We will also address inequalities in outcomes by:

  • ensuring our educational offer is inclusive and accessible;
  • supporting mental health and wellbeing;
  • supporting successful transition to university life and study, improving employability.


Fair access to, and success in, higher education is critical to social mobility and key to social justice.


Foster a positive and supportive culture, that values excellence and celebrates diversity of identity, by building on progress we have made to create an inclusive community, where all staff feel empowered and respected, to:

  • eliminate the gender pay gap;
  • implement target initiatives to attract and retain staff from under-represented ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds;
  • celebrate and support the LGBT+ members of our community;
  • develop targeted actions to recognise intersecting experiences of oppression and discrimination.


Diversity is a source of strength, innovation and excellence.

Employer within the community

Strengthen our position as a global civic university by:

  • collaborating with external partners to develop and share good practice;
  • engaging with Bristol communities as a diverse and respectful employer;
  • developing our targeted apprenticeship and employment outreach programmes to promote opportunities to a wider more diverse audience;
  • fostering civic engagement activities and a sense of social responsibility in our students;
  • diversifying our supply chains to support businesses owned or led by under-represented groups.


An inclusive university community should be representative of - and embedded in - our global and local communities to foster the forward-thinking and socially responsible global citizens of the future.

Have your say

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Staff and postgraduate research student livestreams

We are holding a series of livestreamed discussion events as part of the vision and strategy consultation. Staff and postgraduate research students can join each livestream event or watch previous events through the University intranet.

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