Fostering equality, diversity and inclusion


Go beyond statutory compliance to ensure equitable outcomes for our students and staff through tackling discrimination and embedding equality of opportunity across our institution.


Fair access to, and success in, higher education and the workplace is critical to social justice for both students and staff.


Attract, recruit and retain students and staff with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives because diversity – of people and ideas – remains integral to our success.


Diversity is a source of strength, innovation and excellence.


Engage all members of our University community in building a culture of inclusion and belonging, where all students and staff feel connected, empowered and respected.


We have a duty to promote good relations, tackle prejudice and promote understanding.

Diverse civic partnerships

Develop deeper and mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders across our vibrant city to build confidence and trust in the University as an employer and provider of education and strengthen our position as a civic university delivering a brighter future for Bristol’s people.


An inclusive university community should be representative of – and embedded in – our global, national and local communities to foster the forward-thinking and socially responsible global citizens of the future.

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