World-leading research and innovation with local, national and global impact

Research and development with focus

Support and build on the University’s disciplinary and interdisciplinary excellence in tackling global challenges relating to equitable and sustainable health outcomes, net zero and climate change, and the creative and cultural industries – with underpinning themes of data and digitalization, and social justice. In doing so, we will embed our commitment to sustainability, knowledge exchange and collaboration with communities and partners.


Focusing investment on areas of disciplinary and interdisciplinary excellence and on ensuring inclusion and equity in how we do research with others will nurture and enable an environment that creates a virtuous circle of quality, reputation, knowledge exchange and impact – including transformative impact on the global research ecosystem.

Enterprise and innovation

Increase our commercial offering by establishing our new Bristol Innovations platform to boost the translation of ideas to market, through spin outs and fostering partnerships with industries, businesses, government agencies and other innovation assets globally, nationally, and locally.


We want to make the world a better place by contributing significantly to wealth creation, the economy, and positive societal change.

Academic research partnerships

Boost the scale, quality, and impact of our research through enhanced collaboration with other leading UK research-intensive universities and the establishment of deep research partnerships with carefully and strategically selected higher education and research institutions across the globe..


Strategic research partnerships will build deep reciprocal relationships that challenge and help create new ideas, foster mutual learning, provide access to funding at scale, and generate co-produced research-rich curricula and research outcomes of international influence and significance.

Talent and culture

Strengthen our reputation as a leading destination of choice across all academic career stages, including postgraduate researchers (PGR) and early career researchers, by fostering a highly collegial, collaborative, and agile culture and environment for leading-edge research through continuous improvement of our values, incentives, investment, and support processes.

We will promote free speech and academic freedom across all our institutional activities, while reaffirming our commitment to providing a positive and inclusive university experience for all our staff and students.


Cultivating a supportive, sustainable, and respectful environment, characterized by integrity and inclusivity and openness, will enrich our research community, help us attract, nurture, and retain our best talent, and ensure that people are able to thrive.

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