Developing internationalisation and global engagement

Global partnerships

Build a small number of deep education and research partnerships of scale with global institutions in areas of strategic importance to the University.


Today, more than ever, international collaboration is a core ingredient of research scale, international reputation, and civic impact.

Global academic programme portfolio

Develop and strengthen the University's academic programme portfolio to ensure that the University's global reach and attractiveness continues to grow.


Having successfully built a strong foundation of enabling internationalisation activities across the institution, we aspire to further strengthen our international competitiveness.

Global civic experience

Develop both on-campus and off-campus initiatives that allow the benefits of internationalisation to positively impact the experience of our Bristol community in a way that celebrates diversity and brings out the full benefits of the University’s global civic mission.


With the boundaries between local and international being increasingly blurred, Global Civic should be a unifying principle that very clearly translates international activity into local benefit.

Global student recruitment and support

Build a global Bristol community by attracting outstanding students from around the world.


We value international students and are passionate about ensuring that their contribution to our community and culture is recognised.

Global reputation

Proactively publicise and celebrate excellence across the institution, and the world, raising our profile as one of the world’s foremost research-intensive civic universities, and thereby benefit the Bristol city region and UK higher education.


Our research engages with the world’s biggest questions and showcasing this effectively will allow us to better share our expertise with international businesses, charities, governments, and universities across the world.

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