Developing internationalisation and global relations


Build a small number of deep inter-institutional education and research partnerships of scale with like-minded high-quality UK and global universities in strategically important areas.

Explore a limited number of transnational education and research opportunities that complement the University’s priority research themes.


Today, more than ever, international collaboration is a core ingredient of research scale, international reputation and civic impact.


Develop and strengthen the University’s academic programme portfolio, including a new Business School, innovative new postgraduate programmes and online offerings, as well as physical and virtual student mobility opportunities to ensure that the University’s global reach and attractiveness continues to grow.


Having successfully built a strong foundation of enabling internationalisation activities across the institution, we aspire to further strengthen our international competitiveness.


Develop both on-campus and off-campus initiatives that allow the benefits of internationalisation to positively impact the experience of all our students, our colleagues and the broader Bristol community in a way that celebrates diversity and brings out the full benefits of the University’s global civic mission.


With the boundaries between local and international being increasingly blurred, Global Civic should be a unifying principle that very clearly translates international activity into local benefit.

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Staff and postgraduate research student livestreams

We are holding a series of livestreamed discussion events as part of the vision and strategy consultation. Staff and postgraduate research students can join each livestream event or watch previous events through the University intranet.

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