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Join other members of the community taking part and collaborating with us. Access public consultations, take part in University of Bristol research studies, volunteer with us or donate to the University's collections and medical research.

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Public consultations

To make sure we hear your views, we consult local residents, business, civic organisations, alumni and the public, nationally and internationally.

Building names

We held a building names public consultation to get your views, as part of our work on addressing the University’s historic connections to the trafficking of enslaved Africans.

Take part in research

You can get involved in research at the University:

Children of the 90s (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, ALSPAC)

One of the most detailed birth cohort studies in the world, investigating how environmental and genetic factors affect a person’s health and development. Information from the study has already contributed to research on some of the most pressing health questions of our time, including childhood obesity, air pollution and mental health.

If you or your child were born in or around Bristol between 1991 and 1992, find out if you are eligible to take part in Children of the 90s.

Artist and writer collaborations

Use our research and resources as inspiration to explore themes artistically and create new works.

  • Apply to become a writer-in-residence with the Kevin Elyot Annual Award.
  • Contact us to become an EarthArt Fellow or develop collaborations with scientists working on climate, environment, evolution, natural hazards and evolution.

Become a friend of our botanic garden or theatre collection

You can join a community of like-minded people, and use and develop skills in raising awareness, fundraising and organising events by becoming a member of one of our Friends’ Associations.

Volunteer with us

By volunteering with the University, you can learn more about subjects that interest you while taking part in a wide range of fun and rewarding activities.

You can support the University by making a donation that we can use as a resource for scholarly research and teaching.

Donate to medical or veterinary research and education

Your donation will contribute to education, training or research around anatomy and health.

Donate to arts, historical and natural sciences research

Your art, historic or natural sciences material will enhance existing collections as a legacy for others to learn from and enjoy.

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