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Whether you are a small community organisation or a large public-sector body, there are many ways in which we can support your organisation’s mission and, in turn, we can benefit from your expertise. You could partner with us on research, find skilled students and experts to enhance your project, or hire meeting and event spaces. Find out how the University can work with your not-for-profit organisation.

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Access researchers, academics and students

Discover how you can benefit from staff and students at the University being involved with your project, group or organisation. A subject expert could speak at your event or add expertise to enhance your funding bid. Or you could host a student volunteer, intern or placement. You can find support across a range of areas.

  • Engage with creative research that seeks to make a positive difference to the complexities of our time with the Brigstow Institute.
  • If you would like to work with our researchers and wish to discuss ideas on how research can benefit your community, contact the Public Engagement team.
  • Contact our environmental research community through the Cabot Institute for the Environment.
  • Contact arts experts and students on topics including anthropology, archaeology, film and television, music, theatre, languages and humanities. Get in touch with the Faculty of Arts Partnerships.
  • Contact law, economics, business, policy, sociology or education experts and students through the Professional Liaison Network.
  • Work with scientists through the Science Partnerships Office. Topic areas include chemistry, data science, earth sciences, geography, maths, physics and more.
  • Contact engineers and other staff and students through the Industrial Liaison Office. Topic areas include data, AI (artificial intelligence), energy and the environment and more.
  • If you work in Health and Life Sciences and are looking for ways to engage with academics and/or support in translating data into services, products or interventions, contact the Translational Research Hub.
  • Children of the 90s is a world leading data resource available to those looking to better understand the region’s health, lifestyle and wellbeing. Get in touch to find out how Bristol’s health study can support policy and healthcare initiatives.

Working with students

Working with our students can offer you a free or cost-effective way to solve capacity issues, find innovative ways of approaching your project or get a fresh perspective to solving a problem.

  • Find out how you could host a volunteer, intern, or placement, or advertise your paid roles, by contacting our Careers Service.
  • Connect with student volunteers through the Students' Union.

Working in partnership

Discover how collaborating with the academic community to bring your experience and their research skills together could benefit your project, group or organisation and the University.

Find the right partner

Facilities and venues

The University has a large number of buildings across the city. Spaces in and around these buildings are available to hire for a range of events and purposes.

  • Explore a huge range of venues to hire across the University campus and beyond including conference rooms, event spaces and wedding venues.
  • Hire rooms for workshops, outreach sessions, meetings and other group activities at the Barton Hill micro-campus.
  • Hire the Linnaeus Study Room, situated in the Botanic Gardens, to run courses, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and more.
  • Engine Shed, located near Temple Meads train station, offers co-working areas, meeting rooms and event spaces to hire.

Supply the University

If you have goods and services that you would like to supply to the University, we encourage you to register on the University's Opportunities Portal. We are dedicated to developing an ethical and environmentally sustainable supply chain which supports local small to medium sized enterprises.

Find out more about supplying the University.

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