Anti-Racism Steering Group

The Anti-Racism Steering Group was established in July 2020 and develops strategies to address individual, cultural and structural racism within the University.

The Anti-Racism Steering Group is a sub-group of the University Executive Board (UEB) and is part of our institutional commitment to race equality.

The group will:

  • generate ideas on how we might tackle individual and systemic forms of racism and identify priorities for action;
  • identify racial biases in policies, practices and procedures and suggest changes to eliminate racial bias;
  • help to shape innovative approaches to empowering all members of our University community to take action, prevent racism and to speak out when it occurs;
  • establish work streams or sub-groups as required to drive forward outcomes in specific areas.


  • Civic and Research Engagement
  • Governance
  • Naming
  • Staff Recruitment and Support
  • Student Recruitment and Support
  • Teaching and Learning

Workstream leaders will work with a diverse range of stakeholders. They will identify structural barriers and work towards making necessary changes.

This method makes sure that:

  • we develop a solution to address systemic racism
  • people with power and influence to shape operational activity are actively involved.

This group gives us the framework that we need to make real, lasting change across our University. We will succeed if we all do our part and everyone – not only people of colour – calls out racism when it occurs.

Dr Jane Khawaja, Co-chair of the group

Racism is still very much part of everyday life for many people in our community. We must all make the effort to learn, understand and take action to bring about real change.

Prof. Judith Squires, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, champion and co-chair of the group

Anti-Racism Steering Group intranet site

Accessible to University staff and postgraduate research students only.

Our response to Sewell report

In March 2021 the government published the findings from its Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities. This is our official statement in response to the commission's report.

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