Being a good neighbour

Wherever you live in Bristol, it is important to be considerate of your neighbours, whether they are your fellow students or the local community.

Being a responsible and considerate resident will help you to feel welcome in the community and to avoid problems with your neighbours.

You can take responsibility for being a good neighbour by:

  • putting out your waste and recycling in the appropriate bins, in good time for each bin collection, and by keeping the area around the bins tidy;
  • keeping noise down and not disturbing other residents;
  • keeping communal areas clean and tidy;
  • taking responsibility for guests who come to stay and making sure they behave appropriately;
  • complying with Section 14 (Your Tenancy Obligations) of your tenancy agreement (PDF).


Noise is the biggest single problem experienced by students living in residences. Different people have different tolerances to noise; what seems quiet to you may be a big disturbance to someone else.

Things to remember:

  • As a general rule, use headphones or keep the volume down on your laptop or TV.
  • If someone asks you to quieten down, please respect their request and do as they ask.
  • Always use the music rooms, where available, for music practice.
  • Close doors gently.
  • Keep noise to a minimum when you are going out or coming home late at night.

If you are planning to have a party, please check with your residence staff and ask permission from the relevant people. Make sure everyone in the flat is happy with the arrangements. Please be considerate of other students' need for quiet, especially late at night and during exam periods.

If someone is disturbing you, ask them to be quiet. If you need to you can ask for help from your senior resident or student warden, or if it's after 11.30 pm, contact Security Services.

Keeping tidy

Remember that you are living with other people. You all share the responsibility for keeping communal spaces clean and tidy, such as your kitchen and bathroom.

If your kitchen is normally cleaned by cleaners, they will only do so if the floor and surfaces are clear and if the washing up has been done and put away.

Your senior resident or student warden can help you set up a cleaning rota for your kitchen and shared bathroom.

Use the recycling bins and waste bins provided to sort your rubbish. You can find out about what goes in each bin and box from the signs in your residence.

Alcohol and drugs

The University recognises the harms that excessive alcohol use can cause and asks that you consider your alcohol use and act with consideration for others who might not drink or feel comfortable around drink. Any student who causes problems through excessive drinking will face disciplinary action and may be obliged to attend alcohol awareness training.

Students must not possess or use illegal drugs, including substances banned under The Psychoactive Substances Act. Students are also forbidden from possessing or using other substances that may be misused to create an altered state of mind, including nitrous oxide. 

There is wellbeing information available if you are concerned about your use of drugs or alcohol. You can also seek advice from the Students' Health Service or your doctor.


All residences are non-smoking. Students must not smoke or vape in any bedrooms or communal areas inside the residence. You must not smoke outside buildings where that might cause a nuisance, generally within 5 metres of a door or window. Smoking of e-cigarettes is also forbidden in all areas. Anyone found smoking or allowing a guest or visitor to smoke anywhere in the residences will face disciplinary action.

Your behaviour and disciplinary procedures

You are responsible for complying with local and national legislation and Section 14 (Your Tenancy Obligations) of your tenancy agreement (PDF). Your Tenancy Obligations have been put in place to ensure your safety, to promote a happy community within your residence and to help us live in harmony with our neighbours. If you break the terms of your Tenancy Obligations you may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

The following are expressly forbidden:

  • violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour or language, either verbal or written, including electronically;
  • theft, including of items of food;
  • sexual, racial or any other form of harassment or bullying;
  • lewd or sexually inappropriate behaviour;
  • excessive noise that disturbs other residents or neighbours at any time of the day or night;
  • noise that prevents other students from studying;
  • any other behaviour that causes danger or distress.
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