Students' Health Service

A full NHS GP doctor service for Bristol University students and their families.


Check if you live within the practice area and how to register.


Make an appointment or request advice on-line.

Opening hours and getting here

Opening times and how to find us.

Help for common medical problems

When to see a doctor or go to hospital, other ways of getting advice and treatment and what to do if we are closed.

Our services

Getting help and advice from Student Health for your physical and mental health and how to find a dentist, optician or pharmacy near you.

Mental health services

How to get help for your mental health.

Get medication

Find out how you can request medication from us.

International students

Information and advice on using the National Health Service for international students.

Office enquiries

Contact our office for questions about letters, reports, results and referrals.


NHS app

Book an appointment or order a repeat prescription. You can only use this once you are registered.

NHS symptom checker

Find what service to use, what to do if we are closed and what help you can get from pharmacies.

Student health app

Advice on common conditions, self-care and when to seek help more urgently.

GetUbetter app

A free NHS App for physiotherapy advice and exercises.

International student app

Information about living in the UK, how the National Health Service (NHS) works and medical advice for international students. 

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