Staff access to your room

We may occasionally need to get into your flat or bedroom, for example to carry out repairs and maintenance.

We will try to give you 24 hours’ notice if access is required by accommodation staff or contractors. However, if it is an emergency, immediate access may be needed.

If you have requested a repair, we will deem that notice has already been given.

All University staff and contractors will carry identification and you should always ask to see it before letting someone into your room.

Open days and promotional activities

You must allow your room and facilities:

  • to be shown to prospective students on University open days or visit days;
  • to be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes.

We will give you seven days’ notice if your room is going to be needed for either of these reasons. Any filming or visits will be supervised by a member of University staff.

Security services

Find out more about the role of our security team in residences.

Access to Accommodation Policy

Download the Access to Accommodation Policy (PDF)

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