Cleaning, recycling and rubbish

Find out how often your residence will be cleaned and where to put your recycling and rubbish.


We provide recycling and composting facilities at all residences. You can recycle:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glass
  • tins and cans
  • plastics
  • food waste
  • clothes, shoes, fabrics


Cleaning services will be different, depending on where you live and you can find the schedule in your residence guide.

Kitchen cleaning does not include rubbish disposal or washing up.

Your responsibilities

You are expected to keep your accommodation in a clean and habitable condition. This includes communal areas. You must:

  • wash up your dishes after you have used them
  • use the recycling scheme

The student cleaning expectations and guidance document has some helpful information on what cleaning products to use and how, so you know what to do to ensure your accommodation is cleaned well and that you are maintaining a healthy environment.

Read our student cleaning expectations and guidance document (pdf).

If you don't meet an acceptable standard of cleanliness and hygiene: 

You may also face action under the student disciplinary regulations

Your residence guide 

To find out the location of the recycling bins and the cleaning schedule for your residence, refer to your Residence guide.

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