Doing your laundry

There are laundry facilities in your residence for you to wash and dry your clothes.

All University accommodation has laundry facilities. They are either in a designated laundry room or in the kitchen area of your flat.

Finding your nearest laundry place

To find out where you can do laundry in your accommodation and the costs for washing and drying, refer to your Residence Guide

Washing machines

The machines may be card or app operated.

Instructions on how to use and pay for the washing and drying machines are in the laundry rooms. You will need to bring your own washing powder or tablets. 

The prices for washing and drying can be found in your Residence Guide.

Drying clothes

You should not dry the wet clothes in your room as this causes condensation and mould. Wet clothes left on drying frames or draped over warm radiators can raise moisture levels by up to 30%. 

Under no circumstances should clothes be dried over heaters within the room. Aside from creating electrical and fire risks, this can also encourage mould to grow. This can cause health problems, including some potentially serious lung infections.

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