Storing your bike

Find out where you can store your bike at your residence.

Bike storage and security 

Most University accommodation has designated bike shelters and storage. There are also lots of bike shelters and racks for you to use around campus

It is your responsbility to ensure that your bike is stored safely and securely using a good security lock. To help ensure the safety of your bike, the University runs a bike security scheme and offer discounted D-lock purchases. Find out more on the Cycling page

Bikes are not covered by your contents insurance; you will need to pay extra for it. Check your policy and be sure to take out additional coverage if you need it.

Do not store bikes in student rooms, communal areas, corridors or stairwells, as the bikes will be removed.

Where to store your bike

To find out where you can store your bike in your accommodation, refer to your Residence guide

Removing your bike from the storage area

When you move out of University accommodation, you must also remove your bike from the storage area in your accommodation.

In line with our Abandoned bikes policy, any bikes deemed abandoned will be tagged, removed and put into storage. If bikes are not collected, they will eventually be donated to the charity, LifeCycle.

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