Connect to the internet

Find out how to connect to the internet in your residence, either via wifi or a wired connection.

How you connect to the internet will depend on where you live. 

Connect to the internet in your accommodation

To find out who the internet provider is and how to connect to the internet in your accommodation, please refer to your Residence Guide.  

Connect to wifi

For laptops, phones, tablets

You can connect to the eduroam wireless service in all University accommodation and everywhere around the University campus and buildings. Visit the eduroam connection instructions page for details.

For some other devices

Some devices, such as games consoles, don’t work well with eduroam because they are not capable of connecting to our authenticated (802.1X) wired and wireless networks. For these devices, you can use the ResNet Wireless service instead.

To get a network key, visit A personal key will be emailed to you; do not share this with others because you will be held responsible for any misuse of this account.

Wired connections

If you need to use a wired connection, for instance, with a desktop PC that does not have wireless capability, you can use the ResNet Wired connection in most residences by downloading the installer. The following residences do not have access to ResNet Wired:

  • Brunel House 
  • Chantry Court 
  • Culver House 
  • ​​​​​​​Dean Street Works 
  • Harbour Court 
  • Marlborough House 
  • New Bridewell 
  • Orchard Heights 
  • Print Hall 
  • Riverside 
  • The Courtrooms 
  • Unite House

In these residences, wired network services are provided by the building owner, not the University. For network support, contact the building owner directly.

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