Mick Sital-Singh

External coach

Founder and Principle Consultant of MSS Consulting

Mick’s primary skill–set and motivations lay in developing senior and middle level leader-managers, identifying and strengthening their skills in leadership, teamwork, and general management. This has included working with a number of Senior Management Teams and Boards, and advising organisations how to develop key staff to achieve their organisational objectives.

Mick has worked with a variety of clinical and academic leader-managers individually and with their teams. An indicative list is St George’s NHS Foundation Trust, London NHS Leadership Academy, Kingston University, St George’s UL, London University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Makerere University (Kampala).

Mick is a skilled and experienced coach- mentor, consultant, facilitator, and mediator, and has coached leader-managers in one-off sessions right through to maintaining the coaching relationship over several years.

Adding to his many years of experience in the field, Mick gained an MSc in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffied Business School in 2018, and is accredited by the EMCC as a Senior Practitioner Executive Coach.

Coaching approach

Mick adopts a blend of directive and non-directive coaching and would describe himself as a Development Coach with a leaning towards Gestalt but will operate as appropriate to the client and organisational needs. Mick favours a holistic approach, taking into account a person’s whole life even though the focus is on job performance. To do so, Mick employs a range of psychometric tools to promote greater self awareness in the client so that self management and motivation can be enhanced.

With particular reference to the Equalities legislation, Mick has coached individuals of different ages, religions and beliefs, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, and genders.

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Contact details

MSS Consulting
Mobile : +44 7816672086
E-mail: mick@mssconsulting.co.uk
Twitter: #micksitalsingh
Skype: micksital-singh