Client feedback

Leadership coaching

It has given me time to think about some challenges more critically, and this, for example, has led directly to changes in our xxxx process. It has also changed how I conduct myself in meetings, ensuring that I remain active and positive but in a way that leaves room for others to contribute.

Leadership coaching client, Bristol Senior Leaders programme

It’s been invaluable. It’s really helped me gain clarity, and focus on and explore the things that I’ve needed to at the time. You have gently challenged me and helped me to look at my blind spots or areas I might otherwise have avoided. I’m looking forward to continuing working on the areas that I need to develop now that I’m clearer.

Leadership coaching client, Bristol Senior Leaders programme

360 Feedback

The unpacking of the 360 exercise was extremely useful in identifying my weaknesses and seeking ways to develop these areas, similarly with identifying the positives and continuing to use these skills.

Leadership coaching client, about the 360 feedback process

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

I appreciated the MBTI session as it gave me some language and coherence to thinking about styles (both of leadership and being managed).

MBTI client

Career coaching

Academic staff

The coaching helped me to think through my career objectives and behaviour at work much more clearly and restored a sense of personal agency.

Career coaching client, Research staff

It was very helpful to help me consider the options available to me, and in particular, the decisions that I would need to make in order to proceed with either of the two options that I had been considering

Career coaching client, Research staff

I left feeling more positive about work possibilities than I have in a very long time, so I am pretty happy at the moment with the 'what next' bit. I'm not sure I would have started looking in to the [xxxx] funding at the moment if I had not had the session coming up as a prompt to think about career trajectories beyond making the next deadline! So it was helpful even before I got to the session, and the discussion today brought out for me a lot of the positives and possibilities which have emerged from the last year. I now have a clear target in mind to start work on immediately

Career coaching client, Research staff

Professional services staff

Thank you so much for your help and advice during my career coaching sessions. I now have a new job at xxxxxx which I start in January!

Career coaching client, Professional services staff

Having a completely impartial person listen and comment on what I said was very helpful. Others who have given me advice already have preconceptions about what I am like or what job I should like, having someone with no prior knowledge was refreshing.

Career coaching client, Professional services staff

Maternity/Paternity coaching

I found the transition from being on maternity leave to returning to work, part time, to be very challenging for many different reasons. The coaching has enabled me to identify these, address the ones that I can, and process things about myself that I had not really noticed before. Nearly 6 months after my return to work, I think I would still be really struggling with this if it were not for my coaching sessions.

Maternity coaching client

I’m so relieved to know that I’m not alone in feeling like this. It’s good to know that there are others that have the same questions and feelings as me. I now feel that is OK to explore what my other options might be.

Maternity/paternity coaching client

This has been absolutely invaluable. There’s no-one else I can talk to like this and about these things.

Paternity coaching client