External coaching


Eligibility and booking

Deans, Heads of School, Divisional Heads and Faculty Managers can apply for access to an external coach.

Unfortunately, Staff Coaching cannot commit to funding any new coaching engagements with external coaches at the momentPlease email staff-coaching@bristol.ac.uk if you would like to discuss your coaching needs as we might be able to offer internal coaching as an alternative.

If you do not fall in to one of the above categories, but are in or about to take on, a senior leadership role within the University, please contact Staff Coaching to discuss what support might be available.

How many sessions will I have?

A normal assignment might last between 3 - 7 hours per year. Funding must be agreed before you contact an external coach.

I am interested in using an external coach, what is my next step?

If you would like to use this service, please contact staff-coaching@bristol.ac.uk.

The external coaches with whom we currently work are:


If you would like to enquire about booking or eligibility please contact staff-coaching@bristol.ac.uk

"It has given me time to think about some challenges more critically, and this, for example, has led directly to changes in our xxxx process. It has also changed how I conduct myself in meetings, ensuring that I remain active and positive but in a way that leaves room for others to contribute."

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