Nigel Singer

  • Nigel Singer

    External Coach
  • Coaching at the University of Bristol

    For senior people there are few places where you can talk in depth about the issues that concern you and what to do about them. 

    As you become more senior you can also become more isolated and with a greater need to be ‘getting it right’. Overstretched, high demand from above, inconsistent competence amongst your staff, perhaps a boss who doesn’t support you, feeling isolated.

    This can lead you into firefighting mode, strategic thinking disappears, you are spending all of your time dealing with problems rather than helping create effective change. The consequence of this is negative stress, working excessive hours, uncertainty around some issues and a lack of reflective time to plan and consider the issues that are draining you.

    I work with you to your agenda, supporting you in being creative and reflective about your work. I provide a place for you to say, 'Oh no, I don't know what to do' and to then work out what action to take.  I also will help you to do the things that you do well, even better.

    The process is confidential, challenging, supportive and creative. I help you build understanding and a development of your leadership style and this will help you to support yourself, your staff and when necessary, your boss.

    I have worked at various universities with senior academics for 20 years, am currently coaching two vice chancellors and an array of other senior staff.

    "Nigel offered me strong and effective support and challenge. He was easy to work with and brought a breadth of approaches and experience to our meetings." Jo Price Vice Chancellor RAU

    "Without these coaching sessions I would have broken down completely at least twice." This person chose to remain anonymous

    Nigel Singer