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Rebecca greatly enjoys teaching and is always keen to increase her experience. Her ambition is to one day teach basic statistics to undergraduate and/or masters students, as well as continuing to teach more advanced topics. She has been one of the tutors at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling's Introductory workshops since 2008, writing and giving the lectures on Random Intercept Models and Random Slope Models and writing the materials for the associated practical sessions in MLwiN, and providing help during all the practical sessions. She has also collaborated on the slides for the lectures on Unordered and Ordered Multinomial Response Models in the Discrete Response Data workshop since 2009, and provided help during all the practical sessions for that workshop too. She was a tutor on the Centre for Multilevel Modelling's Getting Started with your own Data workshop in 2008, and continues as a tutor in the new version of this workshop (re-titled Research Workshop in Multilevel Modelling).

Other workshops

In January 2010 Rebecca travelled to Austria to deliver a workshop to a group of four researchers working on an updated edition of their German language textbook on multilevel modelling using MLwiN. The sessions each consisted of a short MLwiN demonstration and presentation of relevant theoretical concepts by Rebecca (with much interaction from the participants) followed by a specially written guided practical. Topics covered were Predictions, Contextual variables and cross-level interactions, Multivariate models, Residuals, and Binary response models. There was also some time for participants to work with their own data with help from Rebecca. She delivered a second similar workshop to the same participants in April 2011.

Rebecca assisted at AQMeN's workshop on multilevel modelling with MLwiN in Edinburgh in September 2010, by providing help with MLwiN during the practical sessions, and delivering the session on multinomial models. In June 2012, she returned to Edinburgh as one of the tutors on the same workshop, this time presenting sessions on variance components and random intercept models, random slope models, and binary response models, as well as providing an introductory demonstration of MLwiN and giving a quick overview of estimation methods. She will reprise this in June 2013. She was also invited by AQMeN to be one of the two tutors on the multilevel modelling workshop they delivered for WISERD in Cardiff in November 2011, presenting half of the lectures, and assisting during the practical sessions.

Learning materials

As well as face-to-face teaching, Rebecca likes creating learning materials, many of which are available on CMM's website ( see Learning Materials). She has also provided some help to individual learners in the use of MLwiN through her Technical Support role, and her answers to enquiries are gradually being added to the FAQs.

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