The centre's core aims are to:

  • Develop statistical methods to better represent the complexity of educational and social processes.
  • Develop software tools to implement new methods (including MLwiN and the new Stat-JR software system).
  • Illustrate the application of new methods to address research questions in education, demography, psychology and public health.

The centre has diverse research interests in education and across the social and health sciences. Areas of current interest include:

  • Evaluation of Government school performance measures of educational attainment and progress.
  • The relative importance of family, school and neighbourhood on children’s educational progress, separating 'nature' and 'nurture' effects of the family.
  • The relationships between changes in individuals’ physical and mental functioning over time and changes in their socio-economic circumstances.
  • Methods for the analysis of longitudinal data.

The centre also has a long-standing interest in developing methods and software to aid researchers in analysing partially observed datasets; please see our missing data page for further details.

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