CMM software support FAQs

If you already own a copy of MLwiN and have not upgraded to the latest version, please upgrade to MLwiN for free as this may solve some problems.

Other sources of help

  • Try our MLwiN user forum where we welcome all users to post enquiries
  • You can also join the Multilevel Modelling discussion list
  • If you have bought MLwiN, you may be entitled to email support. (You are entitled to free email technical support if you have bought MLwiN or MLn (exceptthe PhD version)
    • Note: If you are a UK academic and have downloaded the free version you are not entitled to free support.
  • Resources for using MLwiN
  • Our online course with its practical instructions for using MLwiN and other software


Downloading MLwiN

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MLwiN 2.1/beta/trial/other versions


MLwiN and operating systems

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Getting data in and out of MLwiN

Large datasets


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Sample size, significance testing and suitability of data

Errors and crashes: Error messages during estimation/ implausible results

Go to Errors and crashes >>

Errors and crashes: crashes/problems opening MLwiN or worksheets

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Errors and crashes: Other errors/problems

How do I…? Categorical variables

How do I…? Commands and macros

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How do I…? Discrete response models

How do I…? Longitudinal data

How do I…? MCMC

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How do I…? Missing data

How do I…? Parameters and parameter estimates

How do I…? Partitioning variance and the intra-cluster correlation

How do I…? Residuals

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How do I…? Standard errors

How do I…? Using weights


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