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Rebecca has created or assisted in the creation of many learning materials in her time at CMM, as part of CMM's online training materials (she assisted Tony Fielding with Modules 1 and 2 and produced introductory videos for these), as a by-product of her MLwiN Technical Support role (notably many contributions to the FAQs), for CMM workshops (slides, including some with voiceover, practicals, and other handouts), or as an output of more methodologically focussed research work (for example her practical on using multilevel modelling to measure segregation, written for the 2009 conference/ workshop "Measuring segregation: methods, tools and data"). Links to these materials are given below.

The Gallery of Multilevel Papers was Rebecca's conception. She had long believed that a database of published journal articles easily searchable by model type and substantive area would be a really useful resource for both teachers and learners of multilevel modelling, and was delighted to receive support from CMM allowing the University's ILRT to be commissioned to create the Gallery.

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