Children of the 90s

Participants contribute their health data in many ways, and this is how we build up a detailed picture of population health.

Face to face visits – come to our @30 clinic! 

We regularly invite our participants to visit us for a clinic. When you come, you’ll have your height and weight measured, we will take blood and saliva samples and look at a range of measures to understand your health. This might include DXA scans, liver scans, fitness and cognitive testing. Our latest clinic is the called @30, in recognition of our 30th birthday. It’s our biggest clinic yet and involves all three generations. You will receive £40 (via voucher or bank transfer) to thank you for your time. To find out how to attend please visit the @30 clinic webpage.

Questionnaires – Life @30+

We are currently asking our original Children of the 90s participants to complete the latest questionnaire. In this questionnaire we are asking about your health, feelings and finances.

Filling in the gaps

Children of the 90s also follows the study participants’ health and life events by linking to official records such as health records held by the NHS (GP and hospital data), plus education and employment records.

This is known as ‘data linkage’ and gives researchers detailed health information that is difficult to get using questionnaires or at clinic. For example, it might include the precise dose of an antibiotic you were given as a baby. It also helps make sure the study represents all the original participants, including those who are unable to complete questionnaires or attend clinics. As this way, their official health data is collected and analysed and less data is ‘missed’.


Researchers sometimes invite participants to get involved in smaller research projects called sub-studies. For example, the latest sub-study will explore if we can learn more about health by analysing store card data, such as Nectar card to see how our shopping habits can be used to predict changes in our health.

It’s never too late to get back in touch, however long it's been since you last took part, and you can choose how little or how much to get involved.

Did you know?

You'll receive a £40 voucher after attending the @30 clinic. We'll also pay your travel and accommodation expenses for you to take part!

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