Children of the 90s - Book your @30 visit now! See below for details

No background It's over 30 years since Children of the 90s began! To coincide with this milestone, we are running a clinic called ‘@30’. All participants – original parents, participants in your 30s and Children of the Children of the 90s (COCO90s) – are invited to attend this clinic.

How to take part

This is your chance to make a lasting difference to health science! Appointments take place at our clinic in Clifton. You can do as little or as much as you like and you'll get £40 to say thanks.

There are several ways you can book.

Email: or call us on 0117 331 0011.

If you have your email invitation to hand you can book using the login details in your email, via this link.

We're looking forward to welcoming you!

Not received your invite? Update your details

If we don't have a current email address for you, please update your details so we can ensure you receive your invite to the @30 clinic soon. 

  • You will get a £40 shopping voucher as a thank you. Spend it online or in many shops – ASDA, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, ASOS and many more.
  • Appointments are flexible and available 7 days a week, including occasional evenings until the middle of 2024.
  • We pay your travel expenses (bus/taxi/train/petrol and your Clean Air Zone fee).
  • If you travel far, we will pay your accommodation expenses.
  • Want to come with someone? Book on the same day as your Children of the 90s friend, partner or parent.
  • We can give you a letter for your employer so you don’t need to take paid leave to attend.
  • This is not a health check, but we will let you know if specific results are different to normal. For instance, you may have high blood pressure or low bone density (osteoporosis).

It’s never too late to get back in touch (or to check if you're eligible), however long it's been since you last took part, and you can choose how little or how much to get involved.

ITV News West Country attends the @30 clinic: 

Read media coverage about @30 in The Guardian and BBC News.

Our information leaflets have lots more information about what's involved and the reasons why we do these tests. 

I‌nformation sheet for young adults and parent visits 

Information sheet for child visits

We're now at the stage where our original babies are 30-years-old, they are entering a new chapter of their lives, they have new families, new social circumstances and we need to capture that. It’s an exciting time for Children of the 90s.

Professor Nic Timpson, Principal Investigator
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